Which type of service rep is best for your company?

Mike Mings

January 13, 2017

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How do you know which type of service rep is best for your company?

As companies have increased investments in self-service, they’ve DECREASED live customer service spending, training and exceptional hiring practices. We as consumers have been conditioned to seek out self-service options, and feel annoyed when we must interface with another human being to find answers. The result? ANGRY customers who can’t fix their own problem forced to talk to agents who don’t have the resources to truly handle customer issues. That’s like walking into a fireworks warehouse with a lit flamethrower. Sparks will fly.

Our partner, CEB, has been studying changing tides of customer service for decades. Matt Dixon, author of Effortless Experience and CEB Group leader, has mapped out the seven types of customer service representatives, and helps companies determine which of these personality types will be best for their team and for their customers. You can read more about these types, and what this means for you in Matt’s recent Harvard Business Review article.

Cool, right?

Wait a minute.

How do you identify the types of agents you have on your team, or quantify how their styles positively or negatively impact your customer experience and your bottom line? How do you listen to every call, analyze how your customers respond and provide precise training to your employees to ensure they offer a better experience — in REAL TIME? Seems impossible, doesn’t it?

That’s why CEB and Tethr have come together: To make the impossible possible, scalable, practical and affordable. With Tethr, it’s like thousands of CEB analysts are listening to every phone call, providing you with actionable insights to turn every agent into your best agent, to make every customer interaction effortless, to drive sales and to lower costs.

So, not only can you now map your agents’ styles, you can see how their styles impact customer experience in real time! You can know without a doubt which type of service rep is best for your company... and can then provide tailored training to those agents based on the proven successes of their peers. Now THAT’S revolutionary!

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