Visual context for a better customer experience

Ashley Sava

May 20, 2020

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Are you leveraging visual context to empower your organization to deliver better customer interactions? 

One of the best ways to elevate your brand is to make excellent use of visuals. When used to their full extent, visuals help keep communications clear, build brand recognition and loyalty, bring clarity to customers faster and strengthen the attentiveness of the audience. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual.

Your brand is judged by its cover

For brands, customers always make snap judgments at first glance. As sight is our primary sense, 90 percent of the information our brains process is visual. Studies say brands have merely seven seconds to make a first impression. Be sure to make it count with strong visual appeal.

Here are some ways you can upgrade your visuals to ensure you’re offering a first-rate customer experience.

Introduce compelling infographics for visual context

Infographics are a strong way to tell a story or share statistics in a quick and appealing way. The more interesting and engaging the infographic, the more likely it is customers will remember what they’ve seen and associate it with the products or services your business offers. Lead customers through the buyer’s journey by reducing big ideas into straightforward and actionable infographics.

Give potential customers visual context with presentations

Visual presentations can help shape the minds of those who are in the earliest stages of getting to know your business. Offering guidance about how products work through video presentations or presentation tools like Slides or Keynote is a great way to help expedite the customer decision-making process.

Take advantage of demos to explain products and features

Demos can walk a viewer through the features of the products and services in an informative and helpful manner. With the right design, a demo can be entirely done without the need of people at all. If it’s easier to have a human guiding the viewer through the presentation, there are still tons of opportunities to create visuals within the demo that make it easier for the audience to navigate and fast forward if needed. Be sure these demos are very easy to locate on your website.

Keep your social media profiles engaging

With certain clientele, social media is the single most influential factor of deciding to go with your organization over a competitor's. Posting daily about your products, services and new offers is important, but keeping the accompanying visuals on these posts attractive is critical in order to lead the viewer to your posts as they scroll their feeds. Done right, social media visuals can win customers and get the word out to those who otherwise wouldn't have noticed your company at all.

Use creative taglines to enhance visuals

Clever copy accompanied by great images is a win-win situation. Effectively double your impact by taking the time to string the right words together with the target images. The ability to create creative taglines and texts gives context to the visuals. Without words, the customer might not be able to identify the message they are supposed to be getting out of the visual.

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Visual context should be consistent with your brand look

Designing memorable visual context with images and videos is only the first step. Ensuring that they follow an established brand kit is how you take things to the next level. A business should promote itself with a certain color palette, font family, style, etc. Your images, infographics, and videos should be so consistent that any customer viewing your social media posts, watching your videos, visiting your website, or checking out your latest blog post should be able to tell it’s coming from your brand without even seeing your name.

Simple trumps elaborate

Simplicity is key. It’s more important to effectively guide your customer where they need to go effortlessly than it is to impress them with how mad your design skills are. After all, the point of the design is to attract customers, commit them to you and keep them coming back. Take design too far and risk losing them in the shuffle.

Parting words

Visual elements are powerful and can provide a solid competitive advantage when used correctly. Learn to master your visual communication and see your business credibility and brand recognition skyrocket in no time. 

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