The TEI ABCs: Closed loop Customer experience

Ashley Sava

June 19, 2020

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Our previous two posts delivered a breakdown of the first two elements of the Tethr ABCs, introducing the Agent side of things and how a large Fortune 500 telecommunications company is using the Tethr Effort Index (TEI) to help agents improve the handling of tough customer situations and to upgrade the overall customer experience, and the Business side concerning how businesses can be instantly alerted to instances of customer friction. Today, we'll address the third and final element of the TEI ABCs: Closed loop Customer experience.

C is for Customer

As far as the C(ustomer) element goes, organizations can use TEI to automate a closed loop with at-risk customers in order to achieve closed loop customer experience. A Fortune 1000 hospitality customer of Tethr is using TEI to close the loop with customers who have had a poor experience.

Difficult TEI scores work as disloyalty detectors and can be logged and ticketed for closed loop customer experience activities including targeted post-interaction surveys to seek additional feedback or to extend save offers.

A closed loop customer experience

This business is flagging every conversation that is scored as difficult as a risk for churn. The interactions are logged and ticketed in their CRM and Customer Experience Management system for individualized follow-up. Closed-loop responses can include a survey, but one that has been targeted to the specific issue that the customer experienced that sparked the low TEI score. The company found that because the follow-up was so specialized and targeted, they received a substantially higher response rate and acceptance of their save offers.

Closing the loop can be the difference between retaining or losing a customer. When businesses proactively reach out to customers who have provided feedback to demonstrate that their input is valuable and that you personally care about the outcome, customers are more likely to be loyal. Customers recovered by closed-loop actions are proven to be 2X more loyal.

Share VoC data throughout the organization

Some organizations use this kind of follow-up as an opportunity to connect with neutral customers and transform them into promoters. Others use it to follow up with promoters to convince satisfied customers to share the product or service with a family member or friend or to join a customer advocacy program. Sharing voice of the customer insights throughout your organization can refine and improve the customer experience.

Tracking Effort levels in real time means having the ability to immediately address high-effort interactions that are likely to result in disloyalty. Leaders can quickly nail down the biggest opportunities for improvement in the customer experience. 

Do you want to know the level of effort customers are encountering? The Tethr Effort Index is your best bet. TEI helps businesses drive down effort for systemic issues and monitor agent behaviors. TEI provides deep insight into the effect of high Customer Effort on key operational metrics like sales conversion and churn. The tool you need to improve your customer experience is TEI.

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