The quest for comparison: Measuring your customer effort score against the competition

Abigail Sims

September 10, 2021

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If you’re like us, you’re dedicated to being the best at what you do. Customer effort? Reduced. Sales quotas? Crushed. An annual office chili cook-off? Bring it on. There’s no mountain the driven among us won’t climb. But for dedicated effort aficionados, that competitive urge often gets lost in (what feels like) the relativity of customer experience management. It’s hard to know what your customers will and won’t respond to, right? 

Not anymore. We’ve made it easy to measure your customer effort score against the competition.

Yes, you need to start measuring your customer effort score

If you’re dedicated to delivering a low-effort customer experience, you need to be measuring your customer effort score. Whether you use Customer Effort Score (CES), Net Promoter Score (NPS), the Tethr Effort Index (TEI), or another scoring system, it’s essential to track areas of high and low effort in the customer experience. 

But, once you have those scores, you might be thinking… Now what? What does “3.5/10” actually mean? Put that data in context by comparing those scores against yourself and others in your industry. Then, you're in a position to make some real progress. What does that progress look like? Start with “better than last month”, if you’re just breaking into the effort space—and then set your sights on higher goals. 

Need help finding those higher goals? Here are two major milestones to hit on your route to the top: 

Benchmark #1: Aiming for average

For our customers who use TEI, we provide an in-depth benchmarking dashboard that makes measuring your customer effort score easy. Once your call, chat, and case data is contained within Tethr, you can easily see how your customer conversations compare to others in the industry. You’ll know at a glance where you fall in the market, and where your agents are coming up short. Use this information to bring overall performance up to speed and match the industry average. 

Benchmark #2: Break into the top 25%

If you’ve been working to reduce customer effort at your company for a while, you may be ready for bigger fish to fry. Once you’ve passed the middle of the road, we make it possible to see the top performers in your industry, too. After analyzing thousands of calls and collecting data across hundreds of categories, our definition of what it takes to get into the top 25% is water-tight. 

Starting to pass the green lines on your effort dashboard? You’re well on your way to dominating your field with the lowest effort experiences in the industry. 

To learn more about our benchmarking feature, watch this in-depth explanation video with Tethr experts Matt Dixon and Ted McKenna, or check out our quick one-pager. Want to see how your scores stack up against the competition? Request a demo today to learn more.

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