Tethr + TruGreen: The Grass IS Greener

Tethr Marketing

April 5, 2017

At Tethr, we are very fortunate to have the opportunity to work with some of the most forward-leaning companies, dedicated to creating a best-in-class customer experience. That's why we're so excited to bring you the results of the Tethr + TruGreen collaboration.

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TruGreen, the nation’s largest lawn care company, fits squarely into that best-in-class category. The company and its leaders know that, when you truly LISTEN to your customers, amazing things happen.

TruGreen hypothesized that they could increase sales agent effectiveness by accessing and analyzing the information shared by customers during phone conversations.

Matt Zoller, TruGreen’s National Sales Director, tasked Tethr to listen to, transcribe and analyze his team’s phone conversations with customers.

“I wanted to know why people were calling, why customers were canceling or signing up for service and why some agents were successful while others were not. But, because we were only recording a fraction of the phone conversations, I had to rely on information derived from the generic disposition codes applied to calls by sales agents, or on agent memories of call occurrences. I turned to Tethr to provide me with a more complete picture of the health of my contact center, our sales team and our marketing campaigns.”

Matt’s team’s results have been impressive:

  • Improved call conversion
  • Increased sales retention rates
  • Increased agent commission
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To learn more about Tethr + TruGreen, we invite you to read TruGreen’s Customer Success Story to learn how the company turned every sales agent into a top performer.

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