The best contact center reporting and analytics tools on the market [Guide]

Abigail Sims

November 15, 2021

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Contact center reporting and analytics are essential for customer service and customer experience (CX) leaders to understand contact center performance accurately. Depending on the report, data surfaced can be used to understand agent performance, improve coaching, refine products and services, and so much more. This information can go a long way towards bigger wins; like improving the customer experience and reducing the cost of service for your company. 

That said, finding a good contact center reporting and analytics tool can be hard. Many providers make big promises that aren’t founded on solid data, and others struggle to meet even the most basic hurdles for a contact center analytics tool. It’s a tough landscape to analyze and identify the best solution for your company. 

Never fear! We've done some of the legwork for you. We’re worked with a lot of contact center tools over the years, and these five are our top picks for reporting. While each of these vendors provides different types of platforms, all of them have one thing in common: Their platform includes contact center reporting and analytics. 

The best contact center reporting and analytics tools 

  • Talkdesk for end-to-end enterprise customer experience analytics.
  • Genesys to take advantage of scalable AI-powered personalization. 
  • Five9 for agile multi-channel communication. 
  • Kustomer for a cutting-edge full-service CRM.
  • InMoment to put your call center data into the wider CX and EX context. 

What makes a great contact center reporting and analytics tool?

You need your contact center reporting and analytics tool to check a couple of basic KPIs. First call resolution (FCR), average wait time, and overall customer satisfaction are some classics—but they’re not the full picture. (And certainly not in this day and age, where customer experience is the name of the game!)

When we looked for the best contact center analytics tools, we had a couple of things in mind:

  • The tool needed to be comprehensive. Your contact center is a treasure trove of information that can shed light on all aspects of the business, and the best reporting tools will capitalize on that. 
  • The tool needed to utilize conversational analytics for more accurate reporting. We’re far beyond the days where keyword spotting and listening to a few calls out of a hundred will do the trick. It’s time for a more sophisticated solution. So all the tools on our list use an advanced conversational intelligence tool as the basis for their reports. 
  • The tool needed to acknowledge the greater context of customer experience. As we said, customer experience is the name of the game, and really the way great companies are setting themselves apart from the rest. Great service is a part of your brand. With this in mind, we only listed tools that prioritize putting call center data to work as part of a CX strategy. 

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the tools that made our list of top performers. 

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For end-to-end customer experience analytics, you can’t go wrong with Talkdesk. A leader in contact center operations, this forward-thinking organization provides cloud contact center services to enterprise customers with an eye towards a seamless customer experience. Be sure to check out their results page for some jaw-dropping numbers that include a 17x increase in first call resolution and a triple-digit increase in ROI. 

Their interface is easy to use and includes all the top-level numbers you’d expect from a top-tier enterprise CX tool. 

talkdesk tethr contact center reporting and analytics tool

Get a good look at the conversations your team is really having with your customers with these awesome, easy-to-read dashboards. They do contact center reporting and analytics like the best of them—but it’s so much more than that. As far as enterprise customer experience tools go, Talkdesk is a winner. Check out their website to learn more.


Looking for peerless AI-powered personalization in the contact center? Look no further than Genesys. Their team takes a slightly different approach to customer experience metrics in the call center, with tools that serve small businesses, mid-size businesses, and enterprise customers alike. Each solution is different, but they’re all robust reporting tools that leverage AI to get really actionable data out of your calls and chats. 

genesys platform tethr

With a smooth interface and a scalable model with solutions for any size operation, Genesys is a robust platform for any user. Contact center reporting and analytics is a snap with a solution like this!


If you’re looking for agile multi-channel communication, Five9 has you covered. This platform delivers reliable contact center and call center reporting for powerful customer insights. Their Intelligent Cloud Contact Center offering ships data to both human and digital teams, making it easy to know how to improve your business operations. Their tools are applicable to teams at any scale and include offerings like supervisor desktop, specialized performance and quality management, and more. 

five9 platform contact center reporting and analytics tethr

Get AI, automation, and omnichannel tools all at your fingertips on one desktop with Five9’s integrated contact center solution. 


Kustomer is a master of the unified communication model. Their position on the call center, the contact center, customer experience, and everything in between, has been to integrate, integrate, integrate. That’s why their new offering, the Kustomer customer service CRM is considered one of the leading tools in omnichannel experiences. Even if you don’t make the jump to the CRM, however, their call and chat tools are still pretty robust. Deploy automation, access the knowledge base, and get AI-powered insights with just a few clicks. 

And when it comes to reporting on all those interactions, granular reports and real-time dashboards are there to provide all the insights you need and more. 

kustomer platform contact center reporting and analytics tethr

However you choose to utilize it, Kustomer’s platform is a powerful tool for contact center reporting, analytics, and beyond. 

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One of the most multifaceted tools on our list today (and that’s saying a lot!), InMoment delivers valuable intelligence on your customers, product, brand, and more, with a cutting-edge reporting studio. Their Experience Intelligence™ (XI) Platform goes the extra mile to contextualize your call center data into the greater picture of customer experience, employee experience, market placement, and more. Inside the reporting studio, you’ll see data on your contact centers within the platform, yes. But you’ll also get personal, actionable insight into how to improve everything from customer relationships to business operations. 

And the interface? Smooth and user-friendly, just like you’d expect from a company dedicated to experience intelligence. 

inmoment platform contact center reporting tethr

If you’re serious about CX and looking for a way to contextualize your contact center data within the greater realm of customer experience, you can’t go wrong with InMoment.

Which contact center reporting and analytics tool is best for you?

Ultimately, the decision about which tool is best for your organization comes down to your organization's needs. What do you want to measure? What drives your organization, and what ROI would be most important to you at the end of the day? Each of these solutions does something a little bit different, and some of them even mix-and-match. For example, Five9, Talkdesk, and Genesys provide a more traditional CCaaS platform; while Kustomer provides a modern Customer Service management platform. And on another level entirely, InMoment provides a Customer Experience Management platform that covers the whole length and breadth of the customer journey.

Whatever you need to measure, there are powerful solutions available for any set of goals—all you have to do is set out with a clear vision in mind. 

Want to learn more about the role of conversational analytics in contact center reporting and analytics? Check out our guide to putting the voice of the customer at the center of your business.

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