Tethr product updates September 2021: Reporting enhancements, organization upgrades, and new tools

Steve Trier

October 5, 2021

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Welcome back to the product update blog! We’re excited to share what we’ve been working on this month—since even the smallest changes can sometimes make a big difference when it comes to efficiency. (And, you know, a low-effort experience.)

Here’s a look at the Tethr updates for September 2021...

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Reporting enhancements

As a busy leader, you need to be able to scan a report and quickly gauge what’s most important. With this in mind, we’re making it easier to see your top opportunities or issues by specifying exactly how many data points you want to display in all graph types. For example, sales leaders can now set a report to show only the top five objections their sales team struggled with that day, week, or month. Similarly, CX leaders could discover the top five customer friction points leading to churn, and contact center leaders could see the top reasons driving Average Handle Time (AHT) increases. This new feature gets you to the data you need quickly.

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Improved organization for admins and users

We’re making it easier to administer dashboard and report ownership inside of Tethr. Whenever an admin moves into a new department, takes on a new role, or sees a shift in responsibilities, reassigning their dashboards is now just a simple click away. This additional tool makes the back-end management of your Tethr instance simpler—and helps better maintain and organize your content throughout. 

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New tools make configuring custom scores easy

Did you know that Tethr can help you automate your quality assurance (QA) process? We help customers modernize and automate quality assurance by applying a tailored QA score to every interaction. Tethr leverages the best of the old QA metrics and then integrates our research-backed Effort metrics for optimal insight surfacing. Our latest set of custom scoring tools makes it easier to bring these tailored QA scores to life, and provide updates as business and market conditions change.

For our current customers: Reach out to your Tethr account or service rep for more information on how we can build custom scores for you.

These are the latest Tethr updates for September 2021! Thanks for tuning in, and keep an eye out for some exciting updates coming up soon in October. 

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