Tethr launches Tethr Live - a flexible, focused real-time call analytics solution

Robert Beasley

April 11, 2023

You can’t alter the past - but you can reshape the future. During the moments you talk with a customer, you need accurate and insightful information at your fingertips. It’s too late to reverse course if you find the right solution five minutes after a conversation ends. 

That’s why we’re excited to introduce Tethr Live, a real-time version of our conversation intelligence platform. Tethr Live focuses on giving agents and supervisors the information and coaching they need in the moment. 

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When we decided to deploy a real-time solution, we wanted to deliver something to the marketplace that offered value and ease. 

More importantly, we wanted our customers to love it. We didn’t want to add more noise to an already overwhelming job. 

We realize many customer service teams resist adding live agent assist options because they don’t want  agents distracted by pop-up notifications, alerts, and a scrolling transcription of the conversation. The most useful information can get lost in a flurry of unimportant or obvious notifications. Agents don’t need a frown-face to tell them when a customer is angry…they already know it!

We designed Tethr Live with a singular goal: Make customer and agent experiences as seamless and effortless as possible. 

Our platform provides agents with real-time call center analytics that can help them navigate the complexities of customer conversations with ease. 

Agents can be prompted if they forget a compliance requirement, such as reading a disclosure, before it’s too late. If the conversation drifts toward a problem that needs troubleshooting, our system can provide the agent with guidance, such as pulling up a guide on how to fix the problem or address an objection. If a problem persists, Tethr Live can alert their supervisor.

Tethr Live gives contact center supervisors a unique vantage point to help their teams. Supervisors can view active conversations and set up what events they want to receive instant notifications about. For example, they can receive an alert when a customer asks to escalate the situation or if a customer becomes aggressive. 

After a conversation ends, Tethr Live provides additional advanced analytics and prompts follow-up actions. 

We believe live agent assistance has potential to dramatically reshape customer experiences. On the surface, it could reduce compliance risks. But even more potent is the ability to reshape how agents do their job and the information they have. By using the power of artificial intelligence, it can pinpoint areas of agent confusion and proactively solve for the situation, suggesting resources and information. 

At Tethr, we’re passionate about revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers. With Tethr Live, customer service agents can access relevant and accurate information instantly, allowing them to provide more personalized and efficient support. Adding a real-time capability empowers agents to steer the conversation in the right direction and offer tailored solutions that exceed expectations. 

We are excited about the impact that this innovation will have on businesses of all sizes, and continuing to develop new technologies that enhance the way we engage with customers.

By analyzing customer sentiment and providing agents with the right insights at the right time, Tethr Live ensures that agents can focus on what matters most - providing a low effort customer experience.

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