Customer information silos are hard on CX. Here's why

Ashley Sava

August 11, 2020

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When a collection of data is accessible by one department but isolated from the rest of that organization...that information is siloed. When companies don’t allow all facets of the business the means to dive into that telling data, the result is a lack of transparency, trust, and efficiency organization-wide. The next item to bite the dust? You guessed it, customer experience. Let's take a look at why these customer information silos are bad for everyone.

Free the data or miss out on valuable opportunities

When it comes to providing an outstanding customer experience, customer data must be available to all teams. Since departments are specialized in different areas, they all are experts on specific things to do with data relevant to their turf. For example, the product team might want to listen to feedback on which missing features users are requesting most often, while the sales team wants insights on what customers are saying about the competition. 

But according to a Forbes study, only 34 percent of executives say they have single-view access to customer data. 

When this customer data is locked up inside the call center or customer service department, opportunities for improvement across the enterprise are certainly slipping away inside these customer information silos.

Gauging the customer journey depends on insights

We all know that marketing teams gather data on leads and traffic, sales teams on clients, and accounting teams on expense reports. But if your information is siloed, the data is not going to be communicated timely, widely, or effectively.

Managing a business with isolated data stops you from getting the complete picture of your customer experience. Teams can’t effectively collaborate with each other on projects, which makes the products or services offered less likely to meet the expectations of customers. In the customer journey, there are several customer touchpoints. These interactions occur between members of several teams such as customer service, billing, marketing, and sales. When data is isolated in customer information silos, losing track of the customer’s entire journey with your company is very likely.

Voice of customer data for all teams

Tethr gives the entire enterprise access to customer insights that matter. Rather than wasting time manually gaining access to data and then analyzing it for insights, start streamlining customer data across your departments. Tethr intelligently listens to every customer conversation to surface insights that can be used to improve sales conversion, customer experience, loyalty, compliance, and marketing efforts.

To improve results across an entire business, data must be accessible to the rest of the organization for specialized analysis and insight. Tethr was built with the need for open sharing of data between teams and systems in mind.

Actionable insights at your disposal

Insights generated by Tethr can be consumed through the Tethr dashboard or shared with other downstream systems such as CRMs, BI tools, and data warehouses. Tethr consumes conversational data from the network, cloud or premise; using enterprise-class design to ensure security and privacy. Unlike other competing platforms, organizations that use Tethr don’t need to hire data scientists or invest in expensive professional services support. Tethr’s pre-configured dashboards help leaders immediately zero in on the best opportunities for driving transformation.

Tethr comes standard with hundreds of pre-built insight categories based on more than a decade of service, sales and CX research. No longer must organizations sift through a sea of data, wondering where in the world they should begin. Start closing the gap between your customers’ expectations about their experiences with your products and services, and their actual experiences. 

Explore how you can take advantage of Tethr's abilities in the fight against customer information silos.

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