Automatically improve sales and customer service using Tethr’s Salesforce integration

Sara Yonker

April 18, 2022

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Thousands of businesses - and 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies - trust Salesforce to manage their customer databases and streamline their sales process. 

While Salesforce helps you track customers and forecast sales, AI tools that integrate into the platform fortify your intel with rich data about every conversation you’ve had with a prospect or current customer.

That in turn helps convert more prospects into customers and keeps your existing customers happy. 

Best Salesforce integrations that boost sales and customer experience 

The Salesforce Appexchange offers more than 3,000 integrations. You can connect with existing tools in your tech stack and find new solutions to enhance Salesforce functionality. 

For example, data integrations can pull  information about a prospective customer’s business size and industry as they become a prospect. You can then monitor every time a sales lead or customer opens an email or visits your website.

In an age where we rely on big data to drive business decisions, you need to analyze more than just website visits and email opens. 

Direct interaction with customers on the phone can unearth the richest supply of customer data, so you need a way to extract that information quickly and analyze it in a digestible and usable way. Software that does that is called conversation analytics. 

What is conversation analytics?

Conversation analytics platforms are CX tools that scrutinize your customer conversations through the power of machine learning.  Whether your communications with customers involve a call center, email, or chat, these platforms use voice analytics and data science to generate deep learning into the issues your customers face.  

Tools such as Tethr, available on Salesforce’s Appexchange, take all the information-rich call logs and customer chats and give you real, practical solutions to monitor trends and solve problems. 

Information from multiple data sources gets synthesized into one dashboard, so you can view metrics all related to your CX strategy and the customer experience. Peer into your call center operations with analytics tools that go beyond just showing you call volume and average hold time (AHT.)

You can find out which service agents perform the best, which sales reps have the highest-converting pitches, and even which calls damage the customer experience or threaten customer loyalty. 

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How conversation analytics works with Salesforce 

When you start using Tethr, you unlock the secret to saying the right thing, at the right time. You make the customer’s experience better and can spot red flags fast. 

Here’s how it works:

  • First, you’ll switch on Tethr, which transcribes and analyzes every call and chat through its conversation analysis tools. Tethr uses speech analytics to identify critical events and patterns, such churn risk, high effort drivers, negative agent behaviors, service or product issues and sales performance opportunities.
  • You’ll see those critical  insights directly in the Salesforce dashboard. These actionable insights give clear direction with research-backed recommended actions that improve your service level and customer journey.
  • You can automate processes in Salesforce to address any friction sources and work to stop churn. For example, if one call indicates a customer may be a churn risk, you can automatically schedule an account representative to reach out.

How to use data from customer conversations in Salesforce

Collecting all that data only benefits you if you know what to do with it. That’s where Tethr’s decade of scientific research into customer experiences and engagement comes in. We provide action-focused insights into your customers’ experience, both during the sales process and for customer support communications.

For conversations with existing customers, Tethr can consume previously recorded calls, chats and associated meta data. We can quickly identify when customers express negative sentiment or have an experience that might lead to dissatisfaction, like having to explain the same problem to several people. 

For sales calls and Salesforce chat records, we can measure which savings and promotions work best and at what point in your sales cycle to offer them. Then, you can train your team to leverage the best offerings. 

The data from call tracking and chat analysis becomes part of the prescriptive insights you'll get directly in Salesforce. These all give you practical, usable information to improve your customer experience strategy.

Salesforce integration tools for customer retention 

When you use Tethr to track every customer interaction, you can look at a customer experience on an individual level as well as get an overview of the comprehensive customer experience.

You’ll spot trends as they emerge, so you can make adjustments as needed. Which call center agents deliver a good customer experience and which ones need more coaching? Tethr shows you.

If a customer has a bad experience, such as having to call multiple times to resolve a problem or repeatedly explain a problem, you'll know and can take corrective action before bad word of mouth spreads or a viral rant on Twitter forces you to notice.

Salesforce integration tools to improve rate of closed deals

No matter if your sales cycle lasts five minutes or five months, adding Tethr’s AI-powered analysis into your calls can streamline your sales calls. Tethr blends scientifically proven methods of selling with your unique company data. 

You’ll be able to automatically see:

  • The top objections that get in the way of the sale
  • The top rebuttals from your sales team that work most effectively
  • Identified cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Trigger Salesforce tasks automatically

Within Salesforce, you can automatically create new opportunity records and follow-up tasks. 

It works like this:  

Tether transcribes calls and digests all the data in each conversation. Tethr analyzes the conversations, breaking them down into key moments, called insights. 

Those insights become more powerful when you leverage Salesforce’s capabilities. You can automatically create, escalate, or assign a team member a follow-up task every time Tethr detects certain activities.

For example, if Tethr spots a customer who had to make multiple calls to address the same issue, you can automatically send that customer’s information to your retention department for a follow-up call. If someone in a sales chat asks about your product expansion, you can create an opportunity record in Salesforce and send them future related promotions.

Analyze Salesforce chats and call center transcripts

Interested in seeing how it works? Watch our Salesforce integration demo to see Salesforce and Tethr together in action or download our Salesforce integration whitepaper to get more information.

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