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Matt Dixon

January 18, 2021

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Hi, this is Matt Dixon, and I’m the Chief Product & Research Officer here at Tethr, and I’m here to tell you a little bit more about what makes Tethr unique, and specifically how we power the modern listening enterprise.

The Customer Experience (CX) Journey

All of us in Customer Experience (CX) are on a journey to understand what’s creating the gap between our customer’s expectations of the customer experience and their actual experience. Now, the key to understanding that gap, what’s causing it to occur, what the opportunities are to close it, is collecting voice of the customer (VoC) feedback.

The way that we’ve done that has changed dramatically in recent years. It wasn’t too long ago that the only way to understand what our customers thought of us, and what they thought about the customer experience, was to hire a market research firm. Now, with DIY market research tools, we can deploy surveys to our customers and collect that insight, that VoC feedback, analyze it, understand it, seize those opportunities, and then prioritize those opportunities. 

The Era of AI: Become a Listening Enterprise

Today, we’ve entered a new era of customer listening: The AI-based listening era. Now, we want to leverage our existing data, so for example recorded customer phone conversations, recorded chat interactions, case management data, and otherwise, to try to understand those gaps in the customer experience and what we can do to close those gaps without having to ask those customers to fill out surveys. 

This is for two reasons: 

  • We’ve all seen our survey response rates decline in recent years. Customers are suffering from survey fatigue, and so if there’s a way for us to understand the customer experience without having to burden our customers with surveys--that would be awesome. 
  • These recorded phone conversations, these chat interactions, all trapped in our case management systems, are a gold mine of customer insights. We have insights about the service interaction, the rep to customer relationship, that personal piece of things. We have insights about our products, competitor mentions, observations about the sales experience, our campaigns, our offers, and our brand. 

All of this is trapped in those recorded conversations, and only recently has the technology existed to help companies listen at scale and unlock all of that information. 

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What Makes Tethr Unique?

What we find out in the market, and this is really what makes Tethr unique, is the following: We are trying to embark on a journey. We’re taking unstructured data like recorded phone conversations, and extracting business insight from those customer interactions so that we can actually drive business action, and ultimately results. 

What we find out in the market is that almost everybody gets stuck in that first part of the journey. They can never actually extract the insights out of the data that they’re trying to access. 

What makes Tethr unique? We start our customers at insight, so you can focus on action.

There are four things that we do that allow us to start you at insight, so that you can drive faster action. Let’s walk through them one by one:

1. Out-of-the-Box Insights

The first thing that allows us to make that claim is that out of the box, on day one, Tethr provides customers with hundreds of pre-built, research-backed insights. These insights are based on more than a decade’s worth of best practices research into what drives great customer experience, service interactions, and sales effectiveness. In other words, Tethr’s already been taught what to look for. 

Imagine: Day one, you don’t have to tune the machine or teach Tethr what’s important to you and your business. Instead, you have a machine that already knows. With the very first interaction that starts flowing through Tethr, you get these insights.

2. The Tethr Effort Index (TEI)

The second thing that allows us to claim that we start you at insight is the Tethr Effort Index (TEI). This is a machine-generated effort score on every single customer interaction that flows through Tethr. Now the benefit to this, obviously, is that you don’t have to ask your customers to fill out surveys to tell you how much effort the interaction was. 

That has benefit unto itself, but the business benefit here is the ability to see, immediately after an interaction has concluded, who are the customers at risk for churn? Who are the customers likely to speak poorly of you on Facebook or Twitter? With Tethr, as a listening enterprise, you are now able to isolate those interactions and then reach out to those customers for feedback. This is incredibly powerful: an unlimited sample size, with none of the bias that we typically associate with surveys, and tons of rich verbatim around what was driving those good and bad interactions. 

3. Built for the Everyday User

Next, Tethr is built for the everyday user. Tethr really allows you to free up your data science team, if you have one, to focus on higher-end work like building predictive models. If you don’t have a data science team, you don’t need to hire one when you use Tethr. 

Tethr is the only platform on the market that allows everyday practitioners to tune the machine to think like them, to find insights in unstructured data that are relevant to your business and allow you to drive action more quickly. Plus, let’s be real here: It’s hard to hire data scientists right now. If you don’t need to do that, that’s a huge benefit to you as a CX practitioner. 

4. Easy to Combine CX Insights With Operational Data

Lastly, Tethr makes it easy to combine CX insights with operational data. You have so much operational outcome data like sales conversions, churn data, or survey scores, that’s all trapped in your CRM systems or your CFM platform. Tethr allows you to ship insights about the experience downstream and then combine it with that operational data. 

The benefit to you here is now you really understand what CX actions are actually driving the outcomes we care about as a business. Then, you can take more decisive actions that drive results much more quickly in your organization. 

So, that’s just a quick walkthrough of what we think makes Tethr really distinctive and really unique on the market, and how we’re powering the modern listening enterprise. Ready to see what Tethr can do for your business? Request a demo here.

The transcript has been edited for length and clarity. For the full video, visit the Tethr Resources page.

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