The Modern CX Summit 2020 is almost here: One day, endless inspiration!

Caitlin Jordan

October 19, 2020

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We’re eight months into this pandemic—and all the challenges that come with it—but the importance of providing a great customer experience has not diminished. In fact, it’s now more important than ever to consider what’s new, what’s to come and what’s actually working in the world of customer experience and customer service.

Modern CX Summit 2020 with Kustomer

With that said, Tethr is proud to be a sponsor of the Kustomer Now Modern CX Summit 2020. This one-day virtual event is jam-packed with three tracks of content from over 40 CX and customer service experts, practitioners and leaders from the world’s most influential brands.

It’s more critical than ever to learn how thriving brands are adapting to “the new normal” and delivering on customer expectations. So whether you are looking to understand the latest trends and technologies shaping the industry, collect tips and tricks for interacting with customers on the front lines, or simply want to network with the brightest minds in the CX space, this event has a place for you.

Check out the lineup and don’t forget to tune in for our own presentation, The Quest for Customer Delight Has Failed; What’s Next at 10:00 AM with Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr and co-author of The Effortless Experience

Modern CX Summit 2020 tethr

Dixon will overview the four key pillars of a low-effort customer experience and how to apply the Customer Effort Score—while sharing how the Tethr team is expanding on the original concepts, leveraging the latest AI and machine learning approaches to study hundreds of millions of customer interactions. 

Join us on October 21 for The Modern Customer Experience Summit and walk away knowing how to take the steps toward creating customer loyalty through an effortless experience. Grab your spot today!

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