Tethr + Deepgram: New tech for new problems

Caitlin Jordan

November 4, 2020

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Managing and improving contact center performance and customer experience has never been more important—and more challenging—than now. With the ongoing work and life disruptions brought by COVID, contact centers and customers alike are facing new and evolving burdens daily. Tethr + Deepgram have come together to address some of these new problems facing leaders with new technology and tools.

Service interactions face more complexity than ever before

COVID has forced businesses across every industry to work from home, shift their daily operations, and begin to rely on phones and meeting technology more heavily than ever before. 

Customers are reaching out with more complex service issues and frustrations. 

Agents handling these interactions are often at home and don’t have the luxury of a manager walking the floor to answer questions or provide support. 

CX and call center leaders are struggling with how to support their employees and improve performance while still providing a great customer experience.

Finding the opportunity amidst the chaos

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom. With the abundance of digital and recorded customer conversations comes a huge opportunity for businesses. These interactions contain a wealth of information—and once you know how to extract value from them, you're in a position to make real, impactful changes to your contact center.

Leading organizations have figured out that by deploying conversational intelligence technology to analyze their customer interactions they can change the way agents interact with customers.

Tethr + Deepgram: New tech for new problems

On November 18, Tethr’s Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer, and Ted McKenna, SVP of Product, will join Deepgram's CEO, Scott Stephenson, and COO, Shadi Baqleh, for a panel discussion on how organizations can optimize call center operations and improve customer experiences in these challenging times.

During this panel discussion, the speakers will address topics like:

  • How the contact center has evolved for agents and customers alike during COVID
  • Why calls matter more today than ever before
  • Specific ways that call centers and support organizations can adapt
  • What companies get wrong when picking transcription and conversational intelligence vendors
  • And how companies can improve their overall CX using cutting edge technology

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