Liberating your voice data and other strategies to improve your CX game

Ashley Sava

August 4, 2020

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Want to improve your CX? Taking your call center to the next level when it comes to customer service and the overall customer experience is always important. Liberating your voice data, developing your agents, and creating CX teams are some of the best ways to get there.

But with COVID-19 taking over every asset of the business world, companies have had to make some difficult decisions on finances. Finding cost-cutting ways to offset declining revenues is challenging and cost reduction programs have consequences of their own. While customer service operations are a necessary cost, some businesses have had to make cuts to stay afloat. It’s important to remember just how essential the call center is to your business, though.

81 percent of companies consider customer experience (CX) as the main basis for competition. Improving customer experiences and the processes and operations involved in handling multiple service channels is something worth investing in. Here are three strategies worth pursuing in the name of working to improve your CX

Liberating your voice data organization-wide

Tethr liberates all voice data and unlocks the value of customer conversations across the entire organization. The platform delivers research-backed customer experience, marketing and sales insights that are shared across the enterprise. Tethr customers have access to the CX insights from conversational data combined with operational and outcome data in other systems to understand what’s driving business outcomes. The call center insights are easily accessible to all leaders: sales, marketing, CX, product and compliance. 

Voice of the Customer data works best when it is accessible to the rest of the organization for specialized analysis and insight. The open sharing of data between teams and systems is necessary when you want to improve results in areas across the enterprise.

Empower your agents

Effective coaching should reflect the common purpose of meeting customer needs and advising employees on certain criteria they can utilize to handle customer interactions on their own. Highlighting this purpose gives meaning to your employees’ daily work. Agents must be empowered to come up with their own solutions. Messages of support, trust and empowerment help keep individual ownership front and center.

Using Tethr, you can target calls to find the right examples for your coaching sessions. Tethr's Agent Impact Score allows leaders to compare the calls of best performing agents relative to everyone else and allows agents to learn from these examples during their coaching session. This empowers reps by giving them the specifics they need to become better. The greatest benefit of AIS though is that it’s directly tied to the business outcomes that matter.

Create teams to improve your CX

Having a team in place that considers and can influence all of the touchpoints along the customer journey should be front of mind for businesses focused on acquiring and retaining customers. You don’t need to hire new employees to get this team in place. They already likely exist within your organization as it stands, and identifying them can be a big step towards working to improve your CX.

Disperse skills with the CX dream team

Marketers: Content, distribution, research, and promotion

Designers: Product design, animation, and assets

Customer Service: Supporting the customers throughout their experience with the product/service

Product: Prioritizing and implementing product development and improvement

CX Team Lead: Someone who knows the ins and outs of the business and all there is to know about the product

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Create an end-to-end cycle

Think about the entire cycle as it works inside the team. For example, when customers communicate what they want from the organization, the product team must fill the wants, the new feature must be communicated externally and internally by marketing, a development roll-out within the product development team needs to take place and customer training should ensue.

Designers, marketers, product teams, and support staff must follow an end-to-end cycle to deliver the best customer experience. Product must communicate to marketing and support them on how they should position or support users. Marketing should inform the product team on how they are promoting the products and services. Support should share customer comments, doubts, and wishes with marketing and product. Design should work with product and marketing to offer consistency and clarity throughout the customer experience.

Consider that the same person who talks to your sales agents will also talk to a support representative or follow your organization’s social media profiles. The experience should feel no different to the customer no matter who they are speaking with inside the business.

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