Better contact center performance: Are you really providing an Effortless Experience?

Ashley Sava

January 24, 2020

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Customers aren’t bothering with post-call surveys anymore. And for companies dependent on surveys to gauge how happy their customers are, that means it's hard to tell if the contact center agents are performing up to par. And when that happens... customers start to fall through the cracks. This is pretty unfortunate and costly for businesses. If you can't identify the reasons you lose business from your customers, you stand to lose even more.

Let's talk about better contact center performance and how to get there:

Sample sizes matter

In large call centers, managers can typically only listen to a few calls per rep each month. This means companies are missing out on loads of insight, data and opportunities for improvement. 

Think about how many unique opportunities to regain a customer’s loyalty there are. Now imagine you are only able to listen to five percent of the calls. If you don’t hear the loyalty and dollar bills flushing away, you need to turn down your radio.  

You only get one shot

78 percent of consumers permanently change how they feel about a company based on a single interaction with the contact center, according to this Qualtrics study. While delighting customers is proven not to have a true impact on loyalty; reducing their effort—the work they must do to get their problem solved—does. 

In other words, customers want their problems fixed the first time they reach out for assistance, whether that be via phone call, chat or email. And isn’t this beneficial to all parties?

The quicker customer issues are addressed (and sometimes this means resolution in one call, not several), the lower the support cost per call is. The most frustrated customers can become the biggest company cheerleaders when their issues are successfully handled on the first try.

Tethr has your back

With Tethr, disproportionate sample sizes can become yesterday’s problem. All representatives can be fairly evaluated on every interaction, not just a handpicked few. 

The Tethr Effort Index (TEI) boasts a response rate of 100 percent. Every single customer interaction that runs through the Tethr platform is scored, indicating the level of effort that a customer put forth, so no data point is missed.

Better yet, when a customer interaction doesn’t go as planned, Tethr can alert you to the situation so that you can call the customer and ask what you can do to improve their experience. This might make the difference between a customer lighting your name on fire over social media, and a customer who decides to give your company a second chance. 

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Ready to make sense of your unstructured customer data and get better contact center performance? Tethr helps businesses surface contextual insights from phone calls and other customer interactions so they can provide better customer experiences.  

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