Introducing Conditional Categories: Gain deeper insight into complex customer interactions

Dean Cruse

February 21, 2019

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We are very excited to announce the general availability of Conditional Categories - a new, powerful capability within the Tethr platform that enables innovative enterprises to gain deeper contextual understanding of the complex interactions happening with their customers. With Conditional Categories, users can now use time-based sequencing to drill down into specific interactions between agents and customers. While you could previously identify calls where a customer expressed frustration, conditional categories now enable you to identify the calls where a customer expressed frustration immediately after an agent expressed uncertainty in how to resolve their issue. This level of granularity provides a much deeper understanding of what influences things like customer effort, sales conversions, compliance and more.Armed with this next level of contextual insight, CX leaders can make smarter, more impactful decisions about how to engineer the best possible experiences for their customers.In this video, Chief Product & Research Officer Matt Dixon walks through this new capability and explains the valuable insight it brings to Tethr customers.

Learn more about how Conditional Categories can generate contextual insights for your organization in our demo.

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