How to use conversation analytics for better customer experience | Intelligent actions with Tethr: Part 2

Ted McKenna

March 29, 2022

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Welcome to the second installment of our series on intelligent actions! (Don’t miss the first one, How to use conversation analytics for better customer service.) Last time, we covered the value of conversational analytics for the service center. Today, we’ll take things a step further and discuss the importance of conversation analytics for the customer experience as a whole. 

As a customer experience leader, you understand the value of a closed-loop system of action when it comes to your customers. Problems require feedback, and feedback requires action, and then the cycle repeats over again. There’s just one problem: How do you get feedback on something as unquantifiable as the customer experience? 

We’re making it easy to quantify the unquantifiable and attach real data to the customer experience. Let’s take a look at the value of conversation analytics when it comes to an overall better customer experience. 

Get actionable feedback and fix real problems

Imagine knowing which customers need support, which products cause intense like/dislike, and which customers may be more likely to reply to a survey, with just a few clicks. Sound like a far-off dream? With conversation analytics harnessed to deliver a better customer experience, you don’t have to imagine. Platforms like Tethr make it possible to get actionable feedback from your real customer calls—and use it to fix real problems. 

Use agents to help conduct tailored market research 

Want to know what your customers need? Now you can just ask. Tethr’s conversation analytics capabilities mean that you can arm agents with questions about products, offers, and customer needs, and surface the answers to those questions immediately. That’s a process that will boost your team immediately to the top of the customer experience game, drive more renewals, increase share of wallet, and more. 

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Create new, better customer experiences

Don’t just settle for improving old CX—dare to create something new entirely. With intelligent actions by Tethr, you’re able to go further than other companies to create a better kind of customer experience. Whereas other conversation analytics platforms often aim to just help in the moment and move on; Tethr takes those learnings and arms your team to initiate follow-on experiences both internally and externally. 

These are just a few examples of the value of conversation analytics for a better customer experience. To learn more, check out our podcast series on reducing customer effort, which details our work in analyzing the CX landscape and developing a proprietary score that’s changing the way the industry measures the customer experience. 

Want to learn more about the changing landscape of customer behavior through a research and data science lens? Visit our partners over at DCM Insights to get the inside scoop on attracting, engaging, retaining, and growing healthy commercial relationships. 

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