How to improve quality assurance in a call center with Tethr

Abigail Sims

February 12, 2021

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Your contact center is the heart and soul of your business. While your product or service may be extraordinary, your marketing compelling, your storefront a lingering bastion of brand identity—your support team is where the rubber meets the road. That’s the basis of all quality assurance (QA) campaigns, right? Improve the customer experience (CX), make the contact center an efficient problem-solving machine, and generate customer loyalty rather than the unfortunate alternative. 

The truth of the matter is this: If your contact center fails, your brand suffers dramatically. That’s why great Customer Care and Customer Success leaders are looking for the answer to one pressing question:

How can I improve quality assurance in my call center?

It’s a big question. Our platform is devoted to delivering the answer. Our research and product teams are at the forefront of call center QA right now, innovating to meet the rising trends we see changing the QA game

Here’s how to improve quality assurance in a call center with Tethr: 

Track This Metric: TEI Score

If you’ve followed Tethr for any length of time at all, you’ve heard us talk about the Tethr Effort Index, better known as TEI. This metric tracks the customer effort identified in every conversation and assigns a score between 1-10 to the conversations. You can then view TEI scores on your personal dashboard per interaction and per agent, as well as cross-referenced with hundreds of other metrics like call time, mentions of competitors, and others. 

how to improve quality assurance in a call center TEI score tethr

How to improve quality assurance in a call center: Track your TEI score!

Q: How does tracking TEI improve QA in the call center?

A: Our TEI scores are based on categories. Each category tracks a single effort-based variable like churn, acknowledgment, frustration, and others that might be familiar from other QA scoring methodologies—but in this case, we use only those categories that measure effort to create this score. By measuring effort like this, it becomes easy to drill down into high-effort interactions that are likely to create customer churn, and chase down the who, what, why, and how involved. 

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Track This Metric: AIS Score

We created the Agent Impact Score (AIS) with one goal in mind: To connect agent performance directly to measurable business outcomes. Old QA metrics are based on old assumptions about agent cues that drive results, like proper greetings, empathy, and others. With the technology we now have to access and analyze all calls, we know exactly what kinds of agent performances really work to deliver great CX.

how to improve quality assurance in a call center AIS score tethr

How to improve quality assurance in a call center: Track your AIS score!

Q: How does tracking AIS improve QA in the call center?

A: Tracking AIS eliminates the guesswork involved in measuring with other scores like CSAT and NPS. With more than 160 variables tracked, including both agent behavior and actions taken, AIS scores deliver an accurate, algorithmically-derived snapshot of your rep’s performance on every single call. Now that’s QA scoring you can coach on. 

Dive Deeper With Your Personalized QA Dashboard

In addition to our AIS and TEI scores, we have a host of individual QA categories that can be added to any dashboard. These include categories like “agent asks for account number”, “offer assistance”, “issue resolution”, and so many more. By going beyond scores, we make it possible for the individual user to dive deeper into each call. (Plus, those dashboards are customizable, so you can visualize that data however it’s easiest to read.)

how to improve quality assurance in a call center dive deeper tethr

Bar graph showing instances of Category: “Offered Further Assistance” by Agent

Q: How does diving deeper help improve my QA? Aren’t the scores enough? 

A: When you’ve identified a low AIS or TEI score, you want to fix it. Other QA methods stop at delivering a score. We do more. If you have a low score in issue resolution in Tethr, you can go right to your QA dashboard and identify the problem agents, calls, and verbiage—making coaching easy.

View & Track Your Own QA Scores (NEW)

If you still want to use your own QA scoring methodology within Tethr in addition to TEI and AIS… No problem! We now offer custom QA score configurations, meaning that you can share your metrics for success with us, and we’ll map them to the corresponding fields in the platform. The resulting QA score will be based on YOUR metrics and visible side-by-side with TEI and AIS.

how to improve quality assurance in a call center call compliance tethr

Our QA categories in action, tracking compliance metrics

Q: How does tracking my old QA metrics help me improve?

A: While we support everyone switching over to TEI and AIS, we understand that sometimes you need to measure other things for stakeholders, or simply to draw a 1:1 comparison between your score with Tethr and previous scores. By using our QA scorecard, you can view insights according to your current QA methodology right inside of Tethr. 

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View Metrics + Get Actionables 

You collect a lot of data. Tethr makes it easy to not only collect and analyze 100% of your calls, chats, cases, and other data sources, but also to see and glean insights from that data. With AIS, we can deliver a QA dashboard that shows you who needs help, who’s doing well, and what each agent is (or isn’t) struggling with. Plus, we’ve made all this data easy to read at a glance with our brand new heatmap feature. 

Better visualize your data with our new QA scorecard

Q: What makes Tethr any different from my current QA strategy?

A: Most QA systems recommend changes based on a very small data set, often only 2% of calls. We analyze 100% of the data you choose to share and can provide you with actionable business intelligence on day one. Decades of research went into teaching Tethr how to analyze voice of the customer (VoC) data, and you won’t find that anywhere else. 

If all this sounds like a little futuristic, a little too-good-to-be-true (but in a space-age kind of way), that’s the point! This is the brand new horizon of QA, only just now reachable through the power of machine learning, voice analytics, and years of research. Whether you’re investing in omnichannel insights, looking to tighten compliance measures, or just want better agents in your call center, Tethr can deliver that information. This platform is a tool unlike any other—backed by miles more research than any competitor—and one that has transformed every contact center we’ve unleashed it on. 

Want to see how Tethr can improve quality assurance in your call center? Request a demo today to see our platform in action. 

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