Taking action with the Tethr Effort Index: Reduce disloyalty with TEI right away

Ashley Sava

May 7, 2020

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It’s one thing to have powerful data at your fingertips, it’s another to know what to do with it. The Tethr Effort Index (TEI), the market's first machine learning-based, predictive customer effort score, not only scores effort, it shows you how to take action on what you discover. In this video, we'll cover three ways to reduce disloyalty with TEI.

How to reduce disloyalty with TEI

Using TEI, you can weed out difficult, high-effort interactions from customers who are now likely to spread negative word of mouth, churn and leave for a competitor. In order to change the customer’s mind before it’s too late, Tethr can indicate when these interactions are taking place so you can give the customer a save offer, deploy a survey on how you can do better next time, or simply reach out. Taking these steps can prevent churn and enhance loyalty.

The Tethr Effort Index can also help you drive down effort for systemic issues and monitor agent behaviors.

Taking action with the Tethr Effort Index

Tethr's Chief Product and Research Officer, Matt Dixon, recommends three actions to take with TEI to reduce disloyalty and improve your customer experience right away in this short video.

Remember, high-effort experiences are taking place during approximately 15 percent of customer interactions at any given time. TEI doesn’t leave anything to chance and scores each and every interaction that takes place. Learn more about the power of TEI here.

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