Accelerate customer listening: Enabling CX leaders to listen to their customers

Ashley Sava

January 21, 2020

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What if we told you that you could gather all you need to know about your customers’ experiences without relying on any post-call surveys? Accelerate customer listening with just a single tool?

No, really. What if you are already sitting on top of a treasure trove of insight that could reveal everything you need to know about the customer experience if you only had the key? 

Tethr enables CX leaders to accelerate customer listening and helps them understand what is driving the outcomes they care about the most. In this short video by Tethr's SVP of Product, Ted McKenna, learn how Tethr can help you identify the factors that drive customer loyalty, reduce churn and spark high effort.

Are you wondering about the probability of a successful retention save offer? Are you curious about why reducing effort is more important than creating delight? Are you hesitant on whether or not eliminating post-call surveys really works? Get your questions answered today.

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