Data scientists love Tethr. Here’s why.

Ashley Sava

February 25, 2020

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Although Tethr boasts the only customer listening platform built for the everyday user, data scientists are also cheering on Tethr. 

So what’s getting data science and analytics teams excited to use our platform? 

For one, Tethr allows practitioners to build their own reports and dashboards. Users are able to search all of their call data for concepts and keywords on their own. Rather than relying on the data science team anytime additional data is needed, the everyday practitioner is empowered to do so on their own. This frees up data science teams to delegate out the work that is better done by those closer to the business and customers. In return, they can focus on work that is of higher value to the enterprise as a whole.

Curious about what else is engaging to analytics teams? 

Matt Dixon, Tethr’s Chief Product and Research Officer, breaks down all three reasons Tethr and data scientists simply mesh in this short video

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