Data, insights, action! Tethr introduces practical conversational intelligence for the everyday user

Matt Dixon, Ted McKenna

December 21, 2021

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Ever noticed how much of the conversational analytics space seems designed for the data scientist, the dashboard-delver, or other types of, well… numbers people? Between the graphs and pie charts, there’s sometimes just too much information available to make a quick or decisive decision. This is great for those of us who love pie charts, a little less so for folks who need practical conversational intelligence that can deliver tangible results on day one.

Tethr’s roots are certainly in bringing math to a highly qualitative data set: human speech. And while we can be honest and say that Tethr started life as a powerful tool for numbers people—just look at the body of research that got us where we are—that’s certainly not where we are anymore. As we’ve evolved, it’s become so important to us to make Tethr’s findings actionable for everyone at every level of a business. From the C-suite to the front line, we work to make it possible to act on Tethr’s insights with a single glance.

We’ve listened, we’ve heard you, and here’s how we’ve brought practical intelligence to conversational data.

The problem: It’s hard to take action

Historically, it’s been difficult to take immediate action on the information delivered by a conversational analytics platform of any stripe. This problem isn’t unique–in fact, it’s an industry standard. Some users, those we at Tethr affectionately call “power users”, love the ability to deep-dive into dashboard after dashboard, aggregating findings in ways that isolate primary issues that are impacting performance within a fairly reasonable amount of time.

But for a CX or sales leader? They can’t afford to spend hours or even minutes out of their day delving for meaning on a dashboard full of pertinent but noisy data. Your CX leader needs to be able to quickly understand voice of the customer (VoC) data and guide their teams appropriately. Similarly, your Sales leader has coaching, planning, and you know, actual selling to do. 

None of these people have an extra hour every day to comb through a dashboard for insights about their team, no matter how valuable those potential insights might be.

Translating valuable insights to highly valuable actions

That’s why we use research to translate insights into action. For several years at Tethr, we’ve been experimenting with different approaches to simplifying the process of surfacing intelligence from VoC data, including the Tethr ABCs, our QA solution, and more. The goal with each of these projects is the same: To turn insights from your customer conversations into actions that will reduce customer churn, increase sales conversions, reduce operating costs, and more. Our research lowers the interpretation burden too often placed on users.

How are we doing it? 

Tethr turns insights from your customer conversations into actions that will reduce customer churn, increase sales conversions, reduce operating costs, and more.
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Now showing: Automated issue sensing

Tethr’s automated issue sensing is a foundational element of practical conversational intelligence as a whole—and a major part of what sets us apart from the competition. Issue sensing allows our platform to automatically identify the most pressing issues in your contact center, and automatically deliver a report to you on what they are… and how to fix them. 

Your top 5-10 issues, identified 

Essentially, issue sensing is able to pull the top 5-10 most potentially damaging situations out of your contact center to speed solutions downstream. Tethr’s ML identifies customers who can use a hug. Notifies supervisors exactly who on their team needs attention, for what reason, and when. Flags damaging customer objections the team is struggling to respond to. Whatever the shape, ultimately, the result is the same. You, the leader, spend less time prying information out of a dashboard with a crowbar, and more time taking the actions that Tethr prescribed to you. 

The result? Profit. 

Understanding how issue sensing works for you

Think of this solution as similar to taking your car to the mechanic. If your beautiful Ford Mustang’s engine is making a funny noise, most of us aren’t going to head out to our garage and take our own engine apart to figure out what’s wrong with it. Instead, we’ll go to the mechanic’s shop, and have them plug the car into a diagnostic tool that will tell us what’s wrong immediately. No guessing, no questions, no hours of time spent figuring out which end of the wrench goes where. 

You have a job to do, and so does your mechanic. When each of you does what you do best, the problem gets solved quickly, easily, and efficiently. That’s the Tethr difference. 

Many players in the conversation analytics space today claim to be able to deliver some variety of issue sensing, but all of them are still in that do-it-yourself space. They can deliver a word cloud of common phrases used in your contact center, but you still have to sit down and analyze that to pull any actionable information out of it. That’s being handed a toolbox when you just have a problem that needs to be solved. 

Practical conversational intelligence: Tethr shows you what’s important

We believe that practical conversational intelligence is the only reasonable approach to an increasingly on-demand digital world. Everyone has less time than ever, and Sales, CX, and Customer Care leaders simply don’t have the time to spend with an overly complex tool that doesn’t deliver clear, simple, and action-oriented insights.

It’s as simple as this: Tethr is a real platform, made for real people with real jobs, who need to see real results. 

Tired of dashboard-diving? Check out our guide to the Tethr Effort Index to learn how our research-backed scores make it easy to just get actionable insights, already.

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