10 companies with a customer experience we can learn from

Sara Yonker

October 3, 2022

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Today kicks off National Customer Service Week. We’re using that as an opportunity to recognize the Tethr users who have delivered customer experiences we can call learn from. We awarded the first CXcellence Awards to recognize their achievements.

The winners:

Informa- CXcellence in Overall Customer Experience  

Informa is an international events, digital services and academic knowledge group. 

When we analyzed data from millions of interactions with customers, Informa’s metrics stood out for what their customers don’t experience. They ranked lowest of all in seven different categories of frustration-inducing behaviors that no customer wants to encounter.  

Specifically, they had the least amount of confusion, missed promises, missed expectations, and their customers didn’t have to work to get issues resolved. They had the lowest incidence of repeat contacts and customers having to repeat information. They also ranked lowest on   call handling issues and transfers. 

Trugreen- CXcellence in Consumer Experience 

TruGreen® is the nation’s largest lawn care company, serving more than 2.3 million residential and commercial customers across the United States with lawn, tree, and shrub care.

When we looked at all the data, Trugreen had the lowest chronic effort score on its difficult calls and ranked at the bottom for chronic effort. That means Trugreen agents worked to remove effort from the customer experience, even when conversations were difficult. 

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Twinstar Credit Union - CXcellence in Agent Relationships 

TwinStar Credit Union is a community credit union with 140,000 members in Washington state and the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area.

When we analyzed the metrics, it became clear TwinStar agents worked to develop a consultative relationship with their customers.Not only did their agents provide proactive guidance, but they also asked probing questions to get to the bottom of their problems. That means when Twinstar members call your agents, they receive helpful advice from an agent they can trust. 

Medical Service Company- CXcellence in Effortless Experience 

Medical Service Company specializes in providing medical equipment to aid in Sleep Disorder and Chronic-Respiratory Disease management. When we analyzed the data, Medical Service Company had the lowest overall calls with chronic effort - a score that shows that its customers have an overall better experience with few call handling issues, frustrations, or problems. 

Our research shows that providing customers with low-effort interactions ties directly to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, which is why Tethr provides its users with robust data centered on effort. 

RLI- CXcellence in Agent Empowerment

No one wants to spend time explaining problems to an agent who can’t help them. RLI, an insurance company specializing in property insurance and casualty insurance, makes sure that doesn’t happen.

When we analyzed the data, RLI ranked lowest on agents using “Powerless to help” statements. That means its customers can trust RLI to proactively find solutions and not face the frustration that comes when agents who can’t solve their problems

PBS Systems- CXcellence in Advocacy

We’ve learned just how important advocacy language can be over years of AI analysis of customer conversations. Action-focused statements that show your customers how agents work to resolve their issues can make a huge difference in how your customers view your company and their levels of effort and frustration.

PBS Systems,  a Dealership Management Software (DMS) company, received this award because they ranked #1 in advocacy language among all others. We’d also like to congratulate you on also ranking #1 in positive agent language and the use of probing questions to get to the bottom of customer issues. 

Your agents are doing exactly what our research proves customers want.

First Bank and Trust- CXcellence in Customer Service - Banking 

First Bank and Trust is a community bank with 22 locations in South Dakota and Minnesota with a focus on serving businesses. Its mission is to grow a diversified independent financial corporation that excels in delivering community banking services and providing niche products nationwide.

The bank ranked highest among its peers when we looked at agent performance scores, which is a comprehensive scoring mechanism that measures things such as  use of positive language, sentiment, and satisfaction. First Bank and Trust also excelled in areas that prove its customers are having a great experience, with top 5% achievement on reducing repeated contacts, negative language used by agents, confused agents, and forcing customers to repeat information. 

24 Hour Home Care- CXcellence in Customer Service - Healthcare

24 Hour Home Care provides licensed caregivers for in-home care, and also provides customers with 24 hour customer help  for scheduling and support. When we analyzed 24 Hour Home Care’s metrics, we found that it had the highest agent performance scores among its peers - showing proof that those agents working around the clock are working hard to address all customer concerns. 

BCU- CXcellence in Member Experience 

BCU is one of the fastest-growing credit unions in the country, serving over 300,000 members in the United States and Puerto Rico. When we analyzed data, we found that BCU stood out as a leader providing a superior experience for its members. 

BCU ranked #1 in providing proactive guidance, and also excelled in the use of action-focused advocacy language, positive language, and expectation setting. 

TXU Energy- CXcellence in Retail Brands, Customer Service - Energy

More Texans trust TXU Energy to power their homes and businesses than any other electricity provider. 

When we analyzed our data, we found that TXU Energy excelled in agent performance and reducing difficult customer interactions.

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How we selected the winners

These companies use Tethr to monitor, measure, and analyze their interactions with customers over phone and chat support. Tethr integrates with voice, chat, and email systems and uses AI and machine learning to deliver insights about the company’s customer experience. 

For example, companies use Tethr to see the top issues that cause customer frustration, learn how often customers have to repeatedly contact them to resolve the same issue, or identify snags in the customer journey such as long hold times, transfers, or escalations.  Tethr also benchmarks each company against others in the industry, so companies know how they perform in each category compared to others. 

Tethr used that benchmarking data to develop categories for the CXcellence awards, which reward companies those who achieved excellence in the selected category. 

“Customer service is about more than just resolving a customers’ issue. It’s about creating an experience for customers that’s effortless, where agents are empowered to solve problems, and where customers leave a conversation having built loyalty. These companies work every day to achieve that and constantly improve the experience for their customers, ” Tether CEO Robert Beasley said. 

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