The TEI ABCs: Alerting Businesses to customer friction

Ashley Sava

June 18, 2020

Our last post’s breakdown of the Tethr ABCs, introduced the Agent side of things and how a large Fortune 500 telecommunications company is using the Tethr Effort Index (TEI) to help agents improve handling of situations that involve customer friction and to upgrade the overall customer experience. 

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Throughout the organization as a whole, TEI helps companies in all areas from (A)gent to (B)usiness to (C)ustomer. Organizations can discover how to address high-effort experiences by letting TEI guide the way

B is for Businesses

TEI also works for (B)usinesses to impact customer sentiment. Let’s talk a little bit more about what that means with an example of one of our customers, a large Fortune 500 financial services company. They’re using TEI to alert the Business to friction points in their interactions so they can implement necessary adjustments to positively impact customer sentiment.

The business knew they needed to identify the systemic effort drivers that unless eliminated would continue to cause high-effort customer experiences. By using TEI, they could immediately pinpoint the issues, isolate their causes and take action to improve them. The company saw spikes in the number of difficult calls as measured by TEI. After diving deeper into the data, they saw that the higher effort calls were being driven by issues with their corporate communications and the website. With this information now brought to their attention, they were able to pull in their digital marketing teams and found that a recent unclear billing email was resulting in customer frustration and an uptick in call volume.

“We didn’t realize our own communications were creating unnecessary friction,” the financial service company’s Head of CX said. “Things like this normally take days or weeks to figure out— if we do at all. TEI made it super easy to see it happening and fix it within hours.”

Protect your Business from customer friction

It’s essential for businesses to be notified of those necessary fixes that can impact customer friction and sentiment in order to save the relationship. With TEI, when a customer interaction doesn’t go as planned, Tethr gives leaders a heads up so they can contact the customer and ask what they can do to improve their experience. This might make the difference between a customer lighting a company's name on fire over social media, and a customer who decides to give the company a second chance. 

Ready to make sense of your unstructured customer data so your contact center can start performing better? TEI allows companies to start applying actionable insights to their organizations instantly.

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