CEB + Tethr partnership: Meet the Effortless Experience dashboard

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September 17, 2016

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Tethr has incorporated CEB Effortless Experience insights into its AI engine for real-time customer insights from every phone call.

Effort is defined as “strenuous physical or mental exertion” and “a vigorous or determined attempt.” Most companies we interact with as consumers or businesses put extreme amounts of effort into customer loyalty. The way most companies gauge whether their phone interactions with you were successful in building loyalty is how you rate your call after it is over. That’s it. Surveys. Not the specific, direct feedback you provided DURING the CALL.

Think about it. When you’re on the phone with an agent, are you internally calculating your level of “delight?” Or, are you thinking about the hassle factor, how long you’ve waited, how many times you had to repeat your name, the fact that you had to call in the first place because you couldn’t find the information you needed on the website, or the fact that they asked you to RATE the call once it was complete?

CEB knows a lot about the impact “effort” really has on customer relationships. They argue that effort actually creates DISloyalty — which means high churn and higher call volumes. They work with organizations all over the globe to provide an effortLESS experience to their customers. They even wrote a book about it.

Earlier this year, CEB launched their Effortless Experience Dashboard to help contact centers identify when customers exert the most effort and target ways to improve the greatest areas of customer disloyalty. However, those insights are captured through customer surveys which are not able to drill down and achieve real-time insights. To solve the problem, CEB has partnered with Tethr to give users the ability to analyze actual phone conversations, on-demand and in real-time, in order to identify ways they can reduce customer effort.

We are so excited about the CEB + Tethr partnership and what it can do for you. We’ve taken CEB’s research and trained our AI engine to give you contextual insights from every customer phone call so that you can materially move the needle on impacting financial outcomes. And that’s the beauty of what we’ve done — we’ve built a platform that’s like an omnipresent being that listens and transcribes human conversation over the phone –accurately. It’s like having a bunch of CEB’ers listening to every call and giving you a roll-up of insights as they identify what drives customer loyalty. It’s built inside. Packaged up, ready to go.

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You can read more about the CEB + Tethr partnership by clicking here.

And for those who’d like to try it out for yourself, we’d love to get you started! Try our demo today!

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