Ask these 3 questions to get more from your conversation analytics data | Intelligent actions with Tethr: Part 3

Ted McKenna

April 11, 2022

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Trying to improve your customer experience? Start by listening.

To supercharge your improvements, listen with AI. Speech analytics tools for customer contact centers and call centers, such as Tethr’s conversation analytics platform, can modernize and streamline the way you measure and improve the customer experience.

Conversation analytics platforms help you view trends and digest information en masse about customer interactions, including phone calls and chats. Once you have all the data, how do you drive changes that improve customer service and foster a good customer experience?

Big data alone won’t drive the changes your customers want. It often takes specific actions, such as the insights provided on the Tethr platform, to identify action items from that data. 

If you’re struggling to get the best actionable information out of this powerful data, read on. Here are three questions to ask that will help you get better insights from your conversation analytics data.

What can I learn from interactions to prevent these problems from happening to other customers? 

The first question to ask when you review your conversation data is this: How can I prevent future problems? Sometimes, it's really simple. If you see a large number of customers from your call tracking experiencing issues with payment on your website, it’s easy to see that fixing the website might be a quick win for CX. 

But customer conversations can uncover issues that need larger fixes, too. For example, if you can see a pattern in customers reaching out to the contact center multiple times to request a service change, it may be worth considering if there’s a way to make that a self-service option.

This will cut down on calls, handle time, and reduce your costs overall. Customer-centric changes like this improve your customers' overall experience and can boost customer loyalty.

What can I do to prevent upset customers from amplifying their concerns? 

When you have upset customers, you need to take action to resolve their issues. You should meet customer expectations by providing a solution as fast as possible.  Maybe this keeps them from canceling their account and reduces your customer churn rate.  Perhaps it will stop them from airing their frustrations on social media or via word of mouth. Either way, immediate action should be part of every customer experience strategy. 

Tethr’s intelligent actions make it possible to both resolve problems customers face and build deep learning to prevent future concerns. The dashboards make it easy to identify when customers are frustrated and why, and you can act to resolve their problems with a click. 

When considering your conversation analytics data and the insights you can glean from it, ask both why your customers are frustrated, and what you can do to address that. 

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What can I do to help agents improve how they handle difficult customer situations?

If you oversee a call center or the entire customer experience team, you want to minimize difficult customer interactions and build customer loyalty. You may regularly calm down unhappy customers by reaching out to them, learning from their issues, and fixing the processes that led to their problems.

Those improvements can now happen at scale - and instantly- when you use a conversation analytics tool. 

Conversational analytics help you both identify patterns and learn from them. The quickest changes can happen in the call center itself. 

This allows your call center agents to learn from each customer interaction, even the difficult ones.

Tethr’s intelligent actions through TethrRx gives your team real, practical solutions, such as a list of the most successful responses to difficult customer interactions on a single dashboard. 

It also gives you practical tools to improve coaching. You’ll be able to review calls on both an agent and manager level and learn better and faster how to respond to customer challenges. This can improve processes, reduce costs, and improve CX, all in one fell swoop.

Why invest in intelligent actions?

With these three questions, you’re well on your way to getting the most out of your conversational analytics data and building a CX strategy that will help you grow. With intelligent actions from Tethr in your pocket, you can do so much more than solve today’s problems—you can solve tomorrow’s, too. 

Special thanks to our partners over at DCM Insights for this blog series! DCM Insights is helping organizations better understand the changing landscape of customer behavior through research and data science expertise. To learn more about their perspective, visit

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