AI and CX: Artificial intelligence is changing the CX game. Here's how.

Ashley Sava

May 27, 2020

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Harnessing AI-empowered strategies to improve CX is about knowing what works for your business to help you do more and become more for your customers. When you use the power of AI for enhancing customer experience, you are building stronger customer relationships. In short, AI can help you revolutionize your CX strategy.

Here’s how AI and CX are combining to change everything.

Nail down your customer touchpoints

Take the guesswork out of knowing which customer touchpoints are the most effective points to focus on once and for all. When you keep your focus on CX, repurchase rates also improve. Using AI for CX improvement should be based on data from all trackable channels that prospects interact with. Digital touchpoints such as social media and website visits can be aggregated into machine learning algorithms so you can learn more about their habits and interests in the customer journey. Use this to discover which channels are exceeding expectations and which need a little love. 

Focus on the best prospects

Use AI to sort through, organize and put data into action. Vendors can take these insights to become better acquainted with their prospects, customers, and market. When it comes to pipeline monitoring, sales forecasting, real-time marketing, and lead generation, there is no better way to go.

Improve team workflow

AI can even assist with workflow automation and streamlining processes. Automating task delegation and prioritizing the tasks based on provided objective parameters are a few ways productivity can be upgraded across an organization. Speed up communication inside the workforce and automate some of the tedious tasks in an error-free way.

Upgrade personalization

It’s a busy world online. Cut through the noise to deliver personalized, relevant messages and content. Customization raises engagement levels by creating a feeling of attentiveness and understanding on the customer’s side. Use it to study individual customer behavior to perform predictive analysis. 

Be known for excellent customer support 

Customer support plays a huge role in the customer experience and the right AI tools can help you deliver a focused and low-effort support experience. Chatbots, for example, can be used to address basic customer questions and resolve issues. They can route the customer to a live human agent when more complex problems are identified. Virtual assistants can answer questions, guide customers to the right products and services and engage them in conversations. This isn’t about replacing call center agents, but improving their job satisfaction. AI is designed to keep repetitive, mindless tasks like tagging tickets or answering basic questions away from the agents so they can handle the more complex customer issues that will better improve their skills and give them more opportunities for career growth. 

The path to a powerful customer experience awaits

AI identifies emerging customer trends and leads organizations to coaching moments. In instances when customers require specific things, AI can prioritize those needs and suggest actions for your business. The best AI solutions learn with your business over time so that more industry-specific insights can be developed. Machine learning provides performance data you can actually use. 

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