3 voice of the customer best practices for better customer insights

Abigail Sims

October 12, 2021

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There’s no doubt about it: The voice of the customer (VoC) is a powerful tool for building customer loyalty and increasing value. In fact, according to the Global Customer Experience Benchmarking Report, 64% of organizations with a formal VoC program see improvements to customer loyalty—and we expect that number to only continue to increase in the coming years. With all that information at your fingertips, let’s talk about a few ways to get the most out of your VoC data with some voice of the customer best practices.

Here are some of the most successful strategies for VoC data we’ve seen our customers use over the years: 

Listen across multiple touchpoints

Your customers are always sharing valuable information with you about your products, services, customer experience, service representatives, and so much more. With this in mind, when you gain access to a VoC tool, don’t just limit yourself to listening in one channel! Listen across multiple touchpoints—sales, service, chat, and more—in order to gather the most data about what your customers really need from you. 

Share data across the organization

Say goodbye to data silos! With a cutting-edge VoC conversation analytics tool, you have the ability to ship insights from one end of the organization to the other—so don’t miss out on any opportunities to share data. Thanks to automation, it’s easy to integrate your systems to share findings from the call center with managers, product experts, leadership, and beyond. Armed with this critical information, you can address issues with your product, service, or team at the root of the problem. 

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Review and analyze insights

Perhaps the most important of all voice of the customer best practices is this: Review and analyze your insights. Even if you’re deep in the day-to-day operations of the call center, you can always benefit from a bird’s eye view of greater trends across your customer base. Are your customers asking for a product or service you don’t currently offer? Is something out of stock? How are national health crises impacting your business? 

The answers are lurking in your VoC data... if you have the tools to find them. 

Discover what’s important with voice of the customer best practices

These voice of the customer best practices are by no means exhaustive, but they’re just the beginning of some of the great strategies our customers use to get the most out of their VoC data. Conversational analytics platforms often capture an overwhelming amount of information, so we’ve made it a priority to make it easy to see what’s important in your unstructured data

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