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How fast does your customer service team react to new problems

Customer service crisis management: How to monitor and respond to emerging issues

If you’re on the brink of a customer service crisis, how soon would your team realize it? Scandals, emergencies, and messes erupt at even the world’s most trusted brands. We…

Sara Yonker
QA evaluations in Tethr

How to improve your call center’s QA process

We’ve made call center quality assurance easier and comprehensive with a new feature on our platform called Evaluations, which allows for manual QA checks so our customers don’t have to go outside of Tethr to conduct any aspect of their quality management program. 

Carl Schultze
5 mistakes you make with customer metrics

5 mistakes companies make with customer support metrics

Most customer support teams focus on the same metrics they have for decades.  To start transforming your contact center to a business intelligence engine, make sure you aren’t making these mistakes with your metrics.

Sara Yonker

Tethr product updates: Quadrants and scatter plots

In our never-ending quest to make it easier to find meaningful insights from customer conversation data, we’re excited to announce the addition of Quadrants and Scatter plots within our reporting.…

Steve Trier