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[Webinar] Measuring Customer Effort: How to stop relying on post-call surveys and start listening for it instead

In 2008, the research team at CEB (now Gartner) surfaced a new measure, the Customer Effort Score (CES), that would change the way CX leaders evaluated the impact of customer service interactions on customer loyalty. Over the following years, the metric itself would be revised as companies adopted CES and started to leverage it to drive change in their customer experience. While accuracy and reliability improved, CES still suffered from the same liabilities that plague other CX measures–having to rely on low response rates and biased survey responses to get a complete picture of the customer experience and identify areas for improvement.

Today, instead of asking customers about Effort, leading companies are using new advanced analytic approaches to effectively listen for Effort–driving faster, more accurate and more reliable insights into the customer experience that can save at-risk customers and spotlight critical business transformation opportunities.

Join Matt Dixon, Tethr’s Chief Product & Research Officer (and co-author of The Effortless Experience), Ted McKenna, Tethr’s VP Insights Product Strategy and Lauren Pragoff, head of Effortless Solutions at Challenger, Inc. (and a principal contributor to The Effortless Experience) for this discussion on the history of the Customer Effort Score, lessons learned from CX practitioners in deploying and leveraging CES, and new innovations in using AI and Machine Learning to predict Effort levels (including the new Tethr Effort Index).