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Rest in peace, CSAT survey

We wish we could say the CSAT survey had a good run…but that would be a lie. Your customers hit the point of survey fatigue long ago, response rates have dwindled to the single digits, and sample bias is unavoidable.

Now the Business Angel of Death–and Tethr–are here to put the CSAT survey to rest.

CSATai will take it from here.

Tethr’s CSATai is an AI model that predicts a CSAT score for every customer conversation based on what your customers are saying. Find out how every customer feels about their service interactions–and what you can do to deliver better experiences.

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CSAT surveys are dead. Here’s what’s next.

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of customer interactions don't have survey feedback.

Source: Forrester

“Predictive CSAT helps us anticipate problems and offer personalized suggestions. This not only boosts the customer experience but also prevents negative reviews or returns, protecting the business's reputation and profits.”

Arnel Deguito, Customer Experience Analyst, Thrasio


of customers stopped doing business with 
a company because it kept sending too many surveys.

Source: 2024 Customer Service and CX Research, Shep Hyken

Eliminate survey bias and increase your sample size to 100%. Get a satisfied, dissatisfied, or neutral CSATai score for every conversation.

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Monitor trends and hone in on your top satisfaction and dissatisfaction drivers from your customizable CSATai dashboard.

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Identify and prioritize actions to increase customer satisfaction–all without sending a survey.

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Want to know more about what it takes to kill off the CSAT survey?

We wrote the eBook on it.

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