Use these content strategies to stand out as an unforgettable brand

Ashley Sava

An unforgettable brand attract more than just customers, but a fanbase. In order to get truly loyal customers, persuade them to become ambassadors for your products or services by going above and beyond in the content arena.

Think about what the presence of your favorite company or business looks like on social media. Are they funny? Bold? Do they constantly turn over unique content that makes you stop scrolling? Is it just a certain je ne sais quoi?  

Those brands that you follow? The ones consumers absolutely love…they possess something that others lack. The formula of a memorable brand involves four main components:

A consistent voice

All businesses advertise. Most run social media accounts. Plenty maintain a blog presence. While doing these things is necessary, it doesn’t make your content memorable. A consistent voice, tone and style is what can help set your brand apart.

The benefits, slogans, features, newsletters and messages you communicate to customers should all sound like one person is writing all the copy. If you haven’t already, establishing a style/voice/tone guide for your business can be a great way to keep everyone who creates content on the organization’s behalf on the same page. The recurring mixture of images, words and videos, and the promotion of those things, creates a distinct style for your brand. 


Your favorite commercial of all time probably pulls at your heartstrings, makes you burst into laughter or brings tears to your eyes. The saddest day of your life? The feelings you felt that day are probably imprinted into your brain forever. Marketers use emotions to keep their messages alive and to help drive home a purchase or keep a conversation going. Use video, graphics, photos and testimonials to tap into the customer’s feelings. It’s much easier to get someone to care about something when they’re already emotionally invested.

Not sure this works? Check out this marketing video by Chipotle. Notice how the use of music, color and design all works to channel different emotions. Tell us that little cow being closed off doesn’t send chills down your spine.


At the heart of delivering exceptional brand experiences is a good story. When things get humanized, people can mentally and emotionally connect to what’s going on. The more senses you can engage, the more memorable an experience you can deliver to the customer.

If you’re having a hard time doing this, think of your different audiences as characters. Maybe your company offers assistance to small businesses who need help with their taxes. Imagine a woman named Judy who has dreamed of opening a bakery since she was a little girl. Judy pushed through culinary school, worked under the umbrella of a greedy and unthankful restaurant owner for five years before she got the courage to take a risk and open her own cake shop. Her cakes are exceptional, she has the support from a lot of members of her small town but she hasn’t the faintest idea of how to handle her taxes. With the help of your company, she will be able to not only run her business but even open a second one in a neighboring city. 

Use of characters brings things to life. People can start to visualize themselves inside your mission.

People first

The experiences you create are really about developing authentic relationships with your customers and prospects. In order to make the experience valuable, make sure it is emotionally meaningful and intimately important to the people you are trying to reach. When you use your content as an outlet to educate, offer opportunities, inspire or entertain, you are demonstrating that you are a business that puts people first. Long-term loyalty depends on this.