The 411 on starting up a CX team from scratch utilizing your current staff

Ashley Sava

If you don’t have a CX team in your organization, you should contemplate adding one. Having a team in place that considers and can influence all of the touchpoints along the customer journey is major for businesses focused on acquiring and retaining customers. 

In companies experiencing fast growth, the customer journey is typically comprised of the work of the marketing, sales, design, service and product teams. To avoid having customer experience becoming a concept rather than serving real people, a team that is focused on all aspects of the customer experience is critical. 

Disperse skills

Your team should be cross-functional so the entire customer experience can be designed with every moving part in mind. So, who’s who on this team?

Marketers: Content, distribution, research and promotion

Designers: Product design, animation and assets

Customer Service: Supporting the customers throughout their experience with the product/service

Product: Prioritizing and implementing product development and improvement

CX Team Lead: Someone who knows the ins and outs of the business and all there is to know about the product

It’s essential to connect the customer experience with product development. This means adapting the product to customer needs while making sure the communication is solid when changes and updates take place. This process requires the assistance of every one of the members on the CX team. 

Establish the vision

While implementing a cohesive and consistent experience for customers is likely the goal of most businesses, figuring out how to improve the existing products or services, collaborating on new ideas and starting up a two-way dialogue with users will help bring specifics on the vision to life.

Consider the following:

Can we consolidate our processes, systems or approaches to better the customer experience?

Is the messaging, tone and branding in line with what we hope to deliver our customers?

Are we using the best tools and mediums to create the ultimate workflow among our team members?

Are we getting enough feedback from our customers and is the way we gather that feedback effortless?

Users, brands and employees must all be on the same page for this to be effective. Anyone in the entire organization should be able to talk about the product or service updates in a way that proves customer value. 

An end-to end cycle

Think about the entire cycle as it works inside the team. For example, when customers communicate what they want from the organization, the product team must fill the wants, the new feature must be communicated externally and internally by marketing, a development roll-out within the product development team needs to take place and customer training should ensue. 

Designers, marketers, product teams and support staff must follow an end-to-end cycle to deliver the best customer experience. Product must communicate to marketing and support them on how they should position or support users. Marketing should inform the product team on how they are promoting the products and services. Support should share customer comments, doubts and wishes with marketing and product. Design should work with product and marketing to offer consistency and clarity throughout the customer experience.

Consider that the same person who talks to your sales agents will also talk to a support representative or follow your organization’s social media profiles. The experience should feel no different to the customer no matter who they are speaking with inside the business.

Uphold your values

The experience you offer your customers needs to align with the values of your company. Whether the interaction is through advertising, product use, recruitment, service or supplier relations, double-check that it is a reflection of the business vision and values that your business preaches. Make sure the members of your CX team are ambassadors of your brand by holding relevant workshops, lightning talks and frequent social media trainings. The strength of your entire company’s understanding of the customer journey and experience should bloom from the expertise of your CX team.