Instant value to the enterprise, big brownie points for you.

Unleash the most underutilized asset in your enterprise – the true voice of the customer.  Tethr will help you deliver unprecedented value and cost savings by enhancing your existing IT investments and lowering your technology risks

Provide value across the organization with speed and agility.

No rip and replace

Built to attach right to your existing technology. No long drawn-out implementations. No professional services needed.

Painless speech analytics

Tethr's cloud-based storage and out-of-the-box APIs let you scale indefinitely, while leveraging your existing BI tools. Easily and quickly train the machine to think – no more statements of work.

Recordings in the Cloud

Move your recording liabilities safely to the cloud, eliminating on-premise hardware, and securing your data with HiTrust and PCI certifications.

2nd-level protection

Use AI-enabled redaction technologies as a second level of protection for purging risks that exist in your data.

  • Turnkey Implementation

    Tethr comes out-of-the-box with valuable dashboards and reports already designed by the brightest research institutions in each industry. Instant insights for the enterprise, already built in.

  • Drive to a better customer experience

    Instantly see where you can drive waste out of the customer experience value chain. Uncover issues with customer-facing applications, and instantly send to your team to respond. Understand customer preferences to help shape a better experience with your platforms.

  • Every call searchable

    This is where you can truly merchandise your IT ROI across the enterprise. See the heart of Tethr in action, with a break down of each call into a fully transcribed, analyzed, and searchable conversation. Identify key points in the call (issues, bugs, billing, etc.), or simply search the call for important key words.

  • Real time Mobile Alerts

    In today's mobile-first world, you need alerts while you're on the move. Tethr's customizable notifications let you create real-time, immediate alerts for your team so you can quickly address issues on the go.

  • Zero-touch IT that attaches to existing platforms

    Tethr integration with your existing BI and CRM tools is quick and seamless. Plus, our cloud-based storage scales for as long as you need it, reducing overhead of additional servers, equipment and software.

Getting started with Tethr is easy


Proven engagement model

  • We work with you to set focal points for measurable results

  • Our analysts embed with your team to drive success

  • Tethr plugs into your existing technology infrastructure - no rip and replace

  • Through our libraries and playbooks, we tune Tethr to your business


Partner with your advisors

  • Leverage decades of human intelligence and research from trusted advisors, built into Tethr

  • Surface insights that help you pinpoint and prioritize customer issues

  • Implement tailored insight libraries to drive out-of-the-box value

  • Establish a sustainable coaching model for your team


Enable sustainable value

  • Enhance your existing IT investments and lower your technology risks

  • Use Tethr’s AI-enabled insights and playbooks to transform your processes

  • Deliver meaningful insights that lead to lasting change and increase business performance

  • Leverage customer insights to enable ongoing digital transformation

Tethr White Paper

PCI Redaction: Compliance Reimagined

Tethr securely delivers content through its platform and makes client data more secure with its unparalleled redaction capability.
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