Real-time knowledge of what’s killing customer loyalty and causing churn

Your customers are telling you what’s right and wrong with your products each and every day. Tethr unlocks knowledge you’ve never before accessed and helps you act upon those insights with great precision.

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Insights that lead to real product innovation

Product lifecycle

Drive enhanced performance by dramatically cutting the cycle time for customer feedback to engineering and manufacturing on specific products. Months = hours with Tethr.

Supplier specific insights

Uncover what frustrates your customers by category and brand and drive supplier negotiations with the facts. No more guesswork.

Instant, unbiased feedback

No more annoying surveys and focus groups that give you biased and insufficient feedback. Gain true insight into how your customers feel about your products.

Fulfillment improvements

Want to know why your customer cancelled before the first service occurred? Tethr can correlate known outcomes to behaviors present (or absent) in customer conversations.

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Research-driven AI unleashed into customer calls

The limitless power of an AI-powered communications intelligence platform listening, translating, and reporting on the context of each call gives modern-day businesses a powerful solution to truly listen and react to customer needs.


Solutions for the entire enterprise

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