Rest easy knowing your calls are 100% monitored.

Tethr® streamlines your compliance—giving you 100% visibility to your calls, supervision and control of your employees—all while removing the risk of on-premise hardware and liabilities.

Maximize security, while minimizing risk.

Reduce Financial Risk

Reduce financial risk

Don’t risk paying big fines — Tethr keeps you compliant with the biggest regulators (PCI, SOX, HIPAA, DODD-Frank, and more).

Protect Your Brand

Protect your brand

Tethr keeps you compliant with your enterprise, too. Monitor calls for script adherance and internal compliance deviations.

Decrease Legal Liabilities

Decrease legal liabilities

Tethr automatically redacts sensitive information from the audio and transcripts, meaning your calls and customer info stay secure.

Advanced AI that makes it easy to play by the rules.

Keep an eye on your enterprise
Drill down to the important data
Drill down to the important data
Stay notified and collaborate Mobile notifications

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