Head-off enterprise-wide compliance risk in real time.

Tethr positions you to effectively and proactively manage end-to-end enterprise risk by illuminating blind spots around every corner.

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Strengthen compliance with complete visibility into calls

Proactive risk management

Manage risk with purpose and avoid brand damage by proactively identifying cultural trends or significant exceptions in your sales and training practices.

Check the box on requirements

Ensure you can satisfy the requirements of GDPR data extraction and avoid the risk potential of massive fines.

Audit trail of activity

Every call, every flag and every intervention logged automatically to retrace each step taken for audits and tracking.

AI-enabled redaction

Already trained by industry experts, Tethr automatically redacts sensitive information then stores your phone data safely and securely in the cloud.

Getting started with Tethr is easy


Proven engagement model

  • We work with you to set focal points for measurable results
  • Our analysts embed with your team to drive success
  • Tethr plugs into your existing technology infrastructure - no rip and replace
  • Through our libraries and playbooks, we tune Tethr to your business

Partner with your advisors

  • Leverage decades of human intelligence and research from trusted advisors, built into Tethr
  • Surface insights that help you pinpoint and prioritize customer issues
  • Implement tailored insight libraries to drive out-of-the-box value
  • Establish a sustainable coaching model for your team

Enable sustainable value

  • Manage end-to-end enterprise risk by illuminating the blind spots in your customer interactions
  • Use Tethr’s AI-enabled insights and playbooks to transform your processes
  • Deliver meaningful insights that lead to lasting change and increase business performance
  • Leverage customer insights to enable ongoing digital transformation
Tethr White Paper

PCI Redaction: Compliance Re-imagined

Tethr’s cloud-based platform makes client data even more secure with automatic redaction of both audio and transcript content, completely eliminating the information.


Solutions for the entire enterprise

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