Services Addendum

The Tethr Services team ensures customers gain quick proficiency and optimize value realization.

Additional service options are available on a yearly subscription to help accelerate business outcomes. Your purchased Service program will be reviewed in your kick-off meeting to cover services included and management of the services



Standard (included)



CSAM assigned to guide customer journey

– Define conversational analytics roadmap
– Align goals and objectives to business initiatives
– Ensure maximized business impact

Configuration & Integration

– Develop joint integration plan
– Load Tethr Effort insight models and scores
– Load industry-specific insight models
– Add initial Custom Team and Custom Fields

Product Adoption

– Virtual User training
– Access to Tethr support videos and knowledge articles
– Optimize out-of-box models to accelerate Insights into action

On-going support

– Support for feature application and questions
– New feature training as needed
– Usage and Engagement optimization

Best Practice

– Platform and domain expertise
– Best practice sharing

Business Impact Acceleration

– Reporting and dashboarding configuration guidance for teams across your organization
– Advanced Playbooks

Post On-Boarding Training

– Additional User training(s)
– Train the trainer

Custom Insight Development

– Identify categories to support business KPI
– Enable category contributors to accelerate training sets
– Develop and publish new categories

Custom Data / Integrations

– Custom Group Support (Teams, Locations)
– Custom Field support (Dispositions, survey responses)
– Existing integration updates

Custom QA

– Customer QA score configuration scoping
– Customer QA score development and deployment

Analytics Deep Dive

– BA assigned
– Run one deep dive speech analytics assessment for: Operational metrics (AHT or Silence Time drivers), Root Cause (Repeat Contact or Churn)
– Reports & Dashboards