When self service fails: The price you pay for channel switching

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When self service fails: The price you pay for channel switching

Customer Care and CX leaders work every day to improve self service channels for customers. Doing so reduces the cost of service, removing the need for customers to call into the more expensive call center. And, when done well, great self service options also make customers happier.

But what happens when self service fails?

Customers, with issues left unresolved, are forced to switch channels and seek out a service agent. Agents are then put in a difficult position, having to shoulder the burden of dealing with baggage created upstream far before the conversation. Worse, the issue the customer now requires solving for is far more complex than the average interaction, placing added stress on both the customer and agent, and often increasing the cost for the contact center to handle.

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In this webinar, you'll learn:

How customers perceive failure points from different forms of self service.


The bottom-line impact on contact centers as customers switch channels while seeking issue resolution.

How the best agents handle more complex channel switching situations.



Matt Dixon
Chief Product and Research Officer Tethr

Ted McKenna
SVP of Product 

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