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What if you no longer needed to rely on surveys to spot sources of Customer Effort?

Designed and researched by the co-author of bestselling books The Effortless Experience and The Challenger Sale, Tethr Essentials makes it easier than ever to mine customer interactions for sources of Customer Effort, including service or sales friction.

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Start tracking hundreds of validated Customer Effort, sales, and CX-related measures

Quickly diagnose your biggest Effort drivers using composite metrics that bundle the most important questions into discrete buckets.

Overall Customer Effort indicators

Summary measures help you prioritize focus areas based on Effort intensity and performance over time. The Tethr Effort Index is a reflection of all known Effort drivers and the relative intensity conveyed on a per call basis. Additional measures test how the sequence and timing of evidence of chronic friction impacts customer frustration.

Example metrics
  • Tethr Effort Index
  • High Churn Risk
  • Channel Switch
  • Low Performer Behavior
  • Reoccurring Effort
Included in library
173 categories
8 composite measures
1 conditional categories

Customer sentiment

Research reveals customer perception of Effort is the biggest driver of disloyalty. Tethr automatically detects sources of Frustration, Confusion, Decision Uncertainty and more. Plus, more than 20 categories tuned to tease apart how sequence and timing create situations so intense as to influence churn and advocacy.

Example metrics
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Missed Expectations
  • Low Churn Risk
  • Happy Loyal Customers
Included in library
29 categories
4 composite measures
22 conditional categories

Call effort

Repeat contacts is a known driver of both Effort and cost. Here we track it along with other sources of call-related Effort. Conditional measures help isolate the biggest drivers of poor sentiment driven by damaging and unwanted customer effort.

Example metrics
  • Repeat Contact
  • Transfer
  • Long Hold
  • Call Handling + High Effort Sentiment
  • Low Performer Behavior + High Effort Sentiment
Included in library
20 categories
3 composite measures
24 conditional categories

Self-service effort

Channel stickiness is a goal many strive to attain. Achieving it requires an understanding of why customers leave self-service channels and end up in the more expensive call center. Additional measures test conditional situations involving Web sentiment and customer perception of channel switching.

Example metrics
  • Channel Switch - Website
  • Channel Switch - Email sent
  • High Effort Channel Switch Sentiment
  • Homepage Issues
  • App Issues
Included in library
13 categories
20 composite measures
25 conditional categories

Rep-related effort

Research points to specific behaviors that both mitigate and exacerbate perceived Effort. Here we measure how frequently reps demonstrate positive and negative language and other coachable techniques. We also deploy conditional measures to help isolate the effect poor behavior has on customer sentiment and, in extreme situations, churn risk.

Example metrics
  • Advocacy
  • Powerless to Help
  • Probing Questions
  • Positive Language
  • Misdiagnosis + High Churn Risk
Included in library
19 categories
6 composite measures
12 conditional categories

Non-service effort

Experiences should be easy through all parts of the customer journey. Measures reveal factors such as price concerns, purchasing difficulties and company communications that can create unnecessary and costly hassles.

Example metrics
  • Price Concern
  • Purchase Hassle
  • Chronic Effort
  • High Effort Company Communications Sentiment
  • Company Communications + Frustration
Included in library
11 categories
1 composite measures
14 conditional categories

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