Measure the agent performance metrics that matter to your business

Ashley Sava

Are you ready to connect agent quality to effort reduction? Start holding agents accountable for customer experience by aligning agent performance with business outcomes.

Traditional QA scorecard criteria doesn’t allow businesses to measure the metrics that matter most. Typical scorecard metrics—did the agent use the proper greeting, say the customer’s name three times, thank them for their loyalty, follow compliance scripts, etc.—may help with internal efficiency or measure what’s easily observable. But isn’t your customer’s perception of the interactions what you really need to know?

Shift the focus to listening to agent performance by using AI and machine learning to get down to the bottom of those high-effort experiences that cause premature customer churn.

Our free webinar walks business leaders through how the Tethr Effort Index (TEI) and our new Agent Impact Score (AIS) enable organizations to unlock details on how the specific contributions agents make are tied to business outcomes. Join us on Tuesday, June 23 to discover how QA scorecards and agent performance management have evolved, and how AI innovations can pinpoint specific agent behaviors that need coaching. Get a breakdown on how things like agent talk time, silence time, overtalk and interruptions impact effort scores. Learn strategies for saving at-risk customers and spotlighting critical business transformation opportunities.

It’s time to stop forgetting the customer in QA measurement. Register today to save your spot.