Leadership Team

Meet the great minds behind the curtain.

Our board and executive team are a star-studded collection of business leaders and industry experts, brought together by a shared vision: A world where every company listens and every customer is heard. It’s their combined experience and leadership that’s made Tethr the simple, elegant, and powerful solution it is today.


Photo of Robert Beasley

Robert Beasley

CEO & Director
Photo of Steve Trier

Steve Trier

Photo of Adam Larsen

Adam Larsen

Photo of Ross Jones

Ross Jones

Photo of Amy Tanjong

Amy Tanjong

Photo of Carl Schultze

Carl Schultze

VP Product & Design
Photo of Dean Cruse

Dean Cruse

VP Marketing
Photo of Steve Baumgarten

Steve Baumgarten

VP of Revenue
Photo of Brett Sanchez

Brett Sanchez

VP of Strategic Accounts
Photo of Gary Clark

Gary Clark

Legal Counsel & Advisor

Tethr board and advisors:

Photo of Alonso Galvan

Alonso Galvan

Chairman, Director

Alonso M. Galván is one of three founding Principals at IAG Capital Partners. The group has deep experience in consumer finance, capital markets…

Photo of Dan Frawley

Dan Frawley


Dan Frawley is the managing director of Falmouth Ventures, an investment company formed after the acquisition of the CEB Ventures/Gartner…

Photo of William Owens

William Owens


Admiral William (Bill) Owens is co-founder and executive chairman of Red Bison Advisory Group, a company which identifies opportunities with…

Photo of Joel Whitley

Joel Whitley


Joel Whitley is a Principal at IAG Capital Partners in Charleston, South Carolina. Originally from Lexington, Kentucky, Joel has worked as an investor, counselor...

Photo of Giles Whiting

Giles Whiting


Giles is the COO of Forsta and Operating Advisor at Verdane Capital. As COO Giles is responsible for Forsta’s strategy, business planning, and operational execution...