Still relying on a customer effort survey? The end of the road may be here.

Ashley Sava

Are you still using a customer effort survey to measure effort? If so, isn’t this causing a higher effort experience as customers must relinquish some of their valuable time to answer these surveys?

Machine learning and predictive scoring are modernizing the customer experience. While measuring Effort is a solid plan to start identifying areas of improvement regarding CX, most companies depend on post-call surveys as their primary Effort measurement tool. As you can guess, deploying a survey to a customer already overwhelmed with an inbox full of them doesn’t exactly produce real results.

In this on-demand webinar, get a refresher and what Customer Effort is and why it matters, learn the pros and cons of using a Customer Effort Score and discover how to start using unstructured data to measure Effort. Tethr’s Matt Dixon, Chief Product and Research Officer and co-author of The Effortless Experience, and Ted McKenna, SVP of Product, along with guest speaker Maxie Schmidt-Subramanian, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, explain how leading companies are using advanced analytic approaches to effectively listen for Effort—ultimately driving faster, more accurate and more actionable insights into the customer experience.

If you’re currently struggling with measuring Customer Effort or are interested in learning more about TEI, Tethr can help. Tethr is a machine learning-based platform that analyzes your customer conversations (phone calls, chats, and case management) and surfaces valuable insights you can immediately put to use to pin down areas of high-effort along the customer journey so you can drive change across your organization. 

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Tune into our webinar and learn why you should stop relying on a post-call customer effort survey and start listening for Effort instead.