In this new normal, some CX strategies are here to stay

Ashley Sava

Not long ago, thriving organizations had a winning customer experience (CX) approach in place. Actionable insights and customer sentiments allowed these companies to make tweaks here and there, but the overall techniques and methods had a framework that was reliable, even predictable. Customer journeys were carefully mapped and studied and teams were able to use data to increase the odds of customer loyalty and reduce associated churn risks. 

In March, reliability suddenly crashed down. The things that were working regarding customer service and customer experience slipped away from industries around the world. In quick save attempts, many businesses suddenly made an effort to respond on a case-by-case basis to several customers. However, it quickly became clear that the impact of the pandemic was going to shake up the world more than temporary fixes could account for.

It’s moments like these that demonstrate which organizations can take ownership and navigate obstacles. Businesses that are able to reprioritize their work, shift tone and decide which approaches they should remain steadfast in will emerge from this better than ever. 

Here are some strategies to meet the needs of today’s customers: 

Empathy spawns loyalty

What is your business doing to portray that it relates to the customers? Is it evident that your brand is compelled to continuously improve their experience? Use data, feedback and processes to design the right solutions for your customers. This isn’t the time for trial and error, it’s the time to make decisions based on research and listening. 

Little things count

Those moments during interactions such as lending a customer a listening ear or going above and beyond with your assistance will be remembered. If you have the opportunity to do good, what’s stopping you? This is such a weird time in the world that kind gestures are just a bit more powerful. 

Be flexible and be persistent

If you really want to deliver a positive customer experience, be open to new ideas from all corners of the business. Innovation means redefining the ways you used to do things. More than anything else, be sure to be tenacious in how these ideas are executed. If you want results, take these new ideas and don’t be afraid to run with them. 

Be a brand that does good

If you’re able to give up short term gains for the greater good of society (for example, companies who are repurposing production lines to manufacture hand sanitizing gel), you will be remembered and respected for your contributions. Maybe you can demonstrate what kind of business you are by giving charitable donations or delivering food or goods to at-risk populations. Maybe you can use social media to inform consumers on how to remain compliant with social distancing recommendations. These types of actions can be carried on in ways non-related to COVID-19 long after the pandemic subsides. Customers are loyal to businesses who support their communities. 

Monitor the success of your new CX approaches

Businesses want to understand what’s creating the gap between our customers’ expectations of their experience with our brands and their actual experience. Working to close this gap is why platforms like Tethr exist. Tethr helps CX leaders improve their customer experience by highlighting how to use the voice of the customer to unlock a goldmine of insights. Find out what Tethr can do for your business by checking out this video.