Grounds for investing more in customer experience

Ashley Sava

There is no such thing as placing too much emphasis on the customer experience. But are you committed to securing the resources to do so? As brands battle for the largest share of customer minds and wallets, it’s clear that appeasing the customer’s entire journey is the best way to stay competitive in a world where a company’s reputation and reviews are but an internet search away. 

So are you investing enough in the customer experience? Probably not. A Forrester study shows that companies that lead in customer experience outperform those who don’t by nearly 80 percent. If you have to ask whether you’re doing enough, the answer is almost certainly no.

Here are five reasons to start investing more in CX today.

If you want something done right, measure it

Without using some sort of metric to gauge customer expectations, how do you even know if you’re coming close to meeting them? Actively listening and measuring customer feedback is the first step to making sure you are making progress toward an effortless experience. Searchable voice of the customer insights can be easily surfaced using conversation intelligence platforms like Tethr.

CX isn’t just surveys anymore

There is actual science and methodology for evaluating your customer experience and it isn’t limited to surveys. Advanced analytics approaches bring accurate and actionable results to businesses hoping to reduce customer effort and enhance customer satisfaction. AI-based speech analytics let businesses mine unstructured text from customer interactions and share that data with employees in near real time. Improvements that add value to business outcomes can then start sooner rather than later.

Customer-centric is more than a catchphrase 

Organizations with a strong customer-centric culture use metrics and the insights behind them to ensure that every employee is performing their job to the best of their ability. When metrics don’t have an actionable course, managers resort to using them to incentivize their teams using tactics such as defaulting to management by numbers. This creates a negative employee and customers experience. Machine learning and predictive scoring can ensure a business can optimize the CX with actionable strategies that are directly connected to the customer experience.

Empowered workers deliver better customer service

Your people are one of your most valuable assets. When customer-facing employees have access to customer feedback at their disposal, meeting the CX mission and goals is that much easier. The most powerful marker of a listening enterprise is how a company treats its frontline employees—and the level of empowerment they give to the frontline. Your workers should be empowered to come up with their own solutions. Messages of support, trust and empowerment help keep individual ownership front and center.

For example, Tethr’s Agent Impact Score allows leaders to compare the calls of best performing call center agents relative to everyone else and gives agents the chance to learn from these specific examples during their coaching sessions. This empowers reps by providing them the tools and insights needed to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Liberated voice data enhances CX across the entire organization

Access to the insights available during customer conversations should be available across the enterprise. Using platforms like Tethr, enjoy research-backed customer experience insights ready to share across your departments. Tethr customers have access to the CX insights from conversational data combined with operational and outcome data in other systems to understand what’s driving business outcomes. The open sharing of data between teams and systems is necessary when you want to reduce customer effort and take customer satisfaction to the next level.

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