Finally—actionable insights from all of your calls

Tethr Marketing

2.7 billion words are tweeted on Twitter every day. In contrast, over 420 billion words are spoken each day in phone conversations between businesses and their customers. Unfortunately, the best the market currently has to offer only provides businesses access to about 1 percent of this information.

The future is here.

In this short video produced in partnership with Microsoft, co-founder and CEO, Mike Mings, introduces Tethr to demonstrate how leading AI technology produces 100 percent visibility into every call with your customer.

With Tethr, phone calls go beyond simply being recorded — now these calls will unlock and deliver your business specific insights which were previously impossible to seek out. Tethr understands the full customer journey from research to support, and ultimately can help identify opportunities for you to increase sales and customer loyalty, while also reducing effort.

Using voice analytics and leading artificial intelligence (AI) technology, Tethr is now a leading communications intelligence platform. In just a few clicks, Tethr is easy to set up and easier to use.

Better still, Tethr works in cooperation with your favorite CRM and BI tools like dynamics and salesforce, with benefits extending to generate both macro and detailed insights at your fingertips.

Don’t believe us? We will process a demo batch of your customer calls and provide a dashboard of personalized insights for you, absolutely free to prove it. Contact us today and see first-hand how Tethr will take center stage in your business.