Customer Success Story

Alabama Power

Alabama Power chooses Tethr to shed light on the voice of the customer

  • 400% Increase in key initiative
    script compliance
  • 302% Increase in key initiative adoption:
    Initial savings of $250,000


Alabama Power Company provides electricity to 1.4 million customers in the state of Alabama. The organization is part of the Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest generators of energy.

As a regulated utility, customer service is job-one. Customers are at the center of Alabama Power’s initiatives; the organization is constantly looking for ways to better serve its constituents and meet their increasing needs. In the past two years, the organization has experienced a hiring freeze. Its customer service team is 15 percent short of ideal staffing rates, yet is held to the same high standards as it would be as a fully staffed team.

Wesley Higgins, Manager of Customer Service Operations Support and Online Services, started his career as a call center agent at Alabama Power. He intrinsically knew that, if he could utilize technology to listen to and analyze every phone conversation, he’d have access to information that would help extend the reach of his team, and provide the superb customer experience Alabama Power demands.

Higgins and Alabama Power needed a technology platform that would allow its short-staffed team to increase efficiency and keep costs low while keeping customer satisfaction high.

He called on Tethr to listen to and analyze customer service phone conversations, and systematically extract insights, context and correlations from calls that would help his team become more successful in achieving tangible business objectives.

Higgins connected Tethr’s cloud-based platform to the Alabama Power telephony environment, trained the team and tuned the system to auto-detect key Voice of the Customer insights in a matter of days. Tethr records, transcribes and analyzes Alabama Power’s calls, giving it the ability to automatically find correlations between events in current and past calls. And, Tethr automatically redacts sensitive payment and customer data from transcripts and call recordings to comply with PCI regulations.

Key features and benefits

  • 400% increase in paperless billing agent script compliance
  • 302% increase in paperless billing adoption – an initial annual savings of $250,000
  • Key customer experience issues are automatically detected in calls and shared with management
  • Managers can easily and quickly locate and replay points in calls, enabling them to provide targeted coaching
  • Agent performance can be graded based on a more accurate representation of behavior
  • Sensitive customer data is redacted from transcripts and call recordings

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