We envision a world where every company listens and every customer is heard.

Our values

Start Listening

As we empower companies to listen to their customers, we listen to our teammates, customers and shareholders to drive positive impact.

Leave space for Innovation

We believe that real innovation isn’t only about coming up with creative solutions to the known needs of customers, but in taking the time to define and solve their unknown needs as well.

Be a good Steward

We work to earn the trust of our customers, employees and shareholders in all decisions and actions. We earn that trust when we let all of our values lead.

When in doubt, try Teamwork

We believe no individual is more important than the team, and that creating a collaborative learning environment multiplies impact to our customers.

Make it Effortless

We endeavor to make our solutions easy to use and our company easy to do business with.

Think and act Nimble

We strive to deliver value quickly and adapt to the changing needs of customers.

Tethr is family to me, as much as my family at home is. I want to come to the office to spend time with this team. I wake up each morning and have the opportunity to work with amazing people and solve for cool challenges.

Adam Larsen, CTO

I really value our leadership. Being able to walk over and ask a question or shoot a quick Slack to the C-suite is not something you can do at any company. I believe in our product and vision. Bringing that vision to reality is what motivates me.

Gerardo De La O, Associate Director, Data & Analytics

Working at a small, innovative company means that everything I do (or don’t do) matters. There’s always opportunities to learn new skills and stretch myself professionally. I'm glad to help organizations create an effortless experience.

Kaley Brown, Customer Success Manager

We have an amazing product evidenced by the size and reputation of the companies we work with. I'm proud of where we are and excited about where we're headed. I love sharing the story of how we can bring unforeseen value to organizations.

Becky Boutwell, VP Service Optimization

Working with patient geniuses on a daily basis is truly humbling and forces me to bring my A-game! I get to support a product that helps companies improve their customer experience, and I get to care for customers who care for their customers.

Joe Apodaca, Technical Support Engineer

Our mission is to transform every company into a listening enterprise

Each one of us is a customer who’s felt frustrated with a product, a service or a brand. Were you told something could be done on the website only to end up on the phone? Or were you transferred multiple times to different support staff, repeating the same information about precisely what’s wrong, but never quite landing on a solution? Did you have an idea on how to solve an issue, make the product better or improve the service that seemed to go nowhere?

How were you met in cases like these? Maybe with disinterest? Excuses. A lack of accountability. The company’s hands are tied, or their process doesn’t quite work that way. Did you end up spending a lot of your valuable time and energy only to be left feeling frustrated, and ultimately, like they weren’t even listening?

At Tethr, we know customers provide incredibly rich feedback on a company’s products, their brand, their website, their installation experience and almost every other thing that leaders need to make better products and deliver a better experience. And they do it through Voice of the Customer (VoC) data—recordings and transcripts from customer service interactions that help companies identify customer needs and priorities.

We enable the companies we work with to gather deep, actionable insights from their VoC data so they can respond by creating an effortless customer experience. Our team takes customer listening very seriously. So, we invest in teammates who share our investment in customer LISTENing values. These values help us build the technology that can transform every company into a listening enterprise.

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