Meet Tethr

We’re on a mission to create a world where every company listens and every customer is heard.

We are all customers. Every day you turn the lights on, replace a well-worn pair of jeans, or hit the highway, you are a customer. And sometimes, it’s not fun to be a customer. When you need help and call your trusted service provider in your hour of need—only to be met with transfers, excuses, or disinterest from a bored service representative—those are some of the most tedious minutes (or hours) of your life.

At Tethr, we believe it doesn’t have to be that way. We know customers provide incredibly rich feedback on a company’s products, services, experiences, and more. They do this through Voice of the Customer (VoC) conversation data, better known as the recordings and transcripts from customer service interactions. All the information your leadership team needs to make better products and deliver a better customer experience is there, hidden away in inaccessible data silos. That’s a problem.

We approach this problem like customers. We want to be heard and helped, and we want to help our customers do the same for their customers. We empower the companies we work with by gathering deep, actionable insights from their VoC data, so they can respond by creating an effortless experience for customers like us.

Meet our leadership

Our core values

  1. Start Listening

    As we empower companies to listen to their customers, we listen to our teammates, customers and shareholders to drive positive impact.

  2. Leave space for Innovation

    We believe that real innovation isn’t only about coming up with creative solutions to the known needs of customers, but in taking the time to define and solve their unknown needs as well.

  3. Be a good Steward

    We work to earn the trust of our customers, employees and shareholders in all decisions and actions. We earn that trust when we let all of our values lead.

  4. Try Teamwork

    We believe no individual is more important than the team, and that creating a collaborative learning environment multiplies impact to our customers.

  5. Make it Effortless

    We endeavor to make our solutions easy to use and our company easy to do business with.

  6. Think and act Nimble

    We strive to deliver value quickly and adapt to the changing needs of customers.

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