Tethr helps surface insights from customer phone calls for groundbreaking business results.

Made by the smart people at CollabIP.

Your customers are calling.
Tethr helps you listen.

Did you know that human phone conversations represent one of the largest data sets on the planet? More than 70 percent of customer communication happens over the phone, yet very few enterprises are using the power of these direct interactions to improve customer experience, sales conversions, compliance, or operating margins.

Why? Because turning unstructured voice data into actionable insights quickly and accurately enough to change business operations is impossible without advanced machine learning and artificial intelligence.

That’s where Tethr comes in. Tethr is the first Communications Intelligence platform that listens to, accurately transcribes, and analyzes phone conversations in real-time, giving you searchable, actionable insights. The more Tethr listens, the more it learns. Like you and your business, Tethr gets smarter by the minute.

With Tethr’s cloud-based platform, you can finally use the information your customers share directly with you to improve their experience, turn every team member into a top performer, reduce call volumes and costs, create more effective offers, and transform your contact center into a profit generator.

Our Team

Tethr is made by CollabIP, based in Austin, Texas.

Our team set out to unlock the value within phone conversations. We assembled some of the world’s brightest people to solve each part of the challenge, PhDs, technologists, audio experts, AI scientists, analytics specialists, software design, and user experience phenoms. The result is Tethr – a cloud-based, AI-powered speech analytics platform that surfaces insights that impact sales conversion, customer loyalty, operating margin, and compliance. It’s truly amazing.


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