Builder Licenses & Certification

OVERVIEW:  The Builders License training and certification trains designated users to fully leverage Tethr insights capabilities.   The Builder’s License contains the following features and capabilities:

a.  Access to state-of-the-art insight generation tools

b.  Ability to customize categories and create new categories

Certified Builders are also provided training, playbooks, and best practices to help with initial organizational adoption and value realization. Builders will have on-going Customer Success support to address questions and training for new Builder features.

Description:  Tethr provides a three (3) session training program.  Each training session is 120 minutes which includes videos and virtual meetings with our CSM’s who will work side by side with your user(s).  To maximize the effectiveness of the training and the use of the License(s), it is optimal for training to occur within 45 days of Subscriber Communications being available in the Tethr Platform.

Builders training includes:

· Category development and augmentation

· Advanced report and dashboard training

· Deep dive on Insight sharing tools

· Targeting and taking action against goals & objectives

· User management (support and administrator training)

For each license, Subscriber shall name a specific individual who shall receive Builder access, training, and Tethr certification. Additional training or retraining available for purchase at any time during the Term.

The Builder License fee applies to each year of the Initial Term and will apply to future Renewal Term(s).