Logo & Branding Assets

Follow these guidelines for official use of the Tethr brand. These guidelines will help you determine the best way to use our logo and other brand assets, please contact us with additional questions on how to use our brand in specific situations.

Our Logo

These guides will help you use the Tethr logo in the best way possible and decide which version is most appropriate for your use.

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Primary Logo

Use whenever possible in Tethr blue

Use on solid, dark backgrounds

Use on white backgrounds

Use seldomly on white backgrounds

Logo Spacing

When using the Tethr logo, be sure to allow for at least 1/3 of the Tethr logo width of white space on all sides to avoid getting too close to the other logos or elements


Minimal palette that uses our primary blue as the most prominent accent.

Tethr Blue
CMYK: 75, 47, 0, 0
PMS: 285
Tethr Yellow
Navy Blue
CMYK: 100, 81, 31, 17
PMS: 288
Darkest Grey
CMYK: 77, 70, 61, 76
PMS: 433
Dark Grey
Light Grey
Lighter Grey
Lightest Grey


Roboto is the primary font for Tethr internal collateral. See below for headline and body copy guidelines or to download the TTF file.


Use Roboto in product-related materials and presentations.

Download Roboto

Work Sans is the Brand font for Tethr. Download the TTF file at the link below.

Work Sans

Work Sans is used in Tethr's public-facing brand materials such as website, social media, branded print collateral, etc.

Download Work Sans

Mac install instructions:
1. Open the Font.zip file. (ex: Roboto.zip or Work_Sans.zip)
2. Open the Font Book app from the Applications folder.
3. Drag and drop the font folder or font files to Font Book – that’s it!

Windows 10 install instructions:
1. Open the Font.zip file. (ex: Roboto.zip)
2. Open the fonts folder: Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Fonts
3. Drag your font file to Fonts folder and wait until the installation is complete.


Make sure the T in Tethr is always capitalized and the first mention of “Tethr” on an element (web page, print piece, etc.) uses the superscripted registered mark. Never use the Tethr logo in place of the word “Tethr”. Please use sentence case in all Tethr materials.

Example: Meet Tethr®. An intelligent platform that listens to customer phone conversations to surface insights.

Press Kit

Our press kit includes product screenshots, lifestyle shots of our product in use, introduction letter, recent publications, video files and other assets that may be helpful in public relations. Feel free to use any of these as long as they are unaltered.

Contact Us for our Press Kit