Powering the modern listening enterprise with Qualtrics and Tethr

Ashley Sava

January 21, 2020

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You already know that voice is a goldmine of insights. But how can you extract these insights so you can enhance customer experience, identify customer churn risk, improve CSAT and optimize sales effectiveness? Combining insights from customer conversations out of Tethr with other customer experience insights from our partner Qualtrics presents a powerful solution for CX leaders dedicated to the idea of a modern listening enterprise.

The modern listening enterprise

In this short video, Tethr's Chief Product and Research Officer, Matt Dixon, walks you through the benefits of Qualtrics Voice iQ, powered by Tethr. Discover how Tethr powers the modern listening enterprise and makes surfacing insights super easy, while Tethr SVP of Product, Ted McKenna, demonstrates how we serve up those insights inside of Qualtrics. 

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